Question 727

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  1. m:

    that i can’t sleep all of the time… that nobody loves me

  2. susan:

    My son’s struggles;
    Mistakes I have made.

  3. dada:

    missing him

  4. Mila:

    lack of love in my life…

  5. depression.. it keeps me from doing what I love

  6. Shawna:

    The separation from several friends.

  7. malak:

    Beleiving so passiontly in something ..and then continuesly being let down !

  8. Brandy:

    That my son will grow up to hate me AND not pretty enough.

  9. Natasha:

    That I often find myself running away from ppl that care about me and love me whole heatedly. I forget about, and take for granted, all the things I love about the person and push them away. I think I do this because I feel like I’m not good enough, somehow. Though I show and act like I have confidence, I don’t seem to think I’m good enough for some people because of things I have done recently, in my past or thoughts that pass through my mind (EX. desires/needs/dreams)

  10. Heidi:

    My own self-hate and the horrible side effects it has on people close to me.

  11. Kesha:

    My inability to speak up for what I want… I hold myself back from saying things that are sometime vital to situations I am in and looking back I see how it could have changed some outcomes for the better.

  12. Cat:

    That I feel unworthy of love or affection..even though I want it..

  13. S:


  14. Jaki:

    The fact that I am over having feelings for him, but not over how he treated me like trash. It’s been almost half a year since we’ve last actually had a conversation, and it’s been almost two months since I had any contact with him whatsoever.

    I’m frustrated that this is what I keep coming back to. He doesn’t deserve this much space in my thoughts every day. I keep wondering if he thinks about what happened as often as I do, and realizing that there’s no way he cares enough to remember what he did and did not do.

  15. Lauren:

    Me standing in the way of me…

  16. Rob:

    My own mind and the way I try to see the future before I’m there

  17. Me:

    My past

  18. Leila:

    my selfishness

  19. Sandy:

    That my grown up children live in another country.

  20. vcm:

    school work. people causing unnecessary problems and myself causing unnecessary problems.

  21. Robert L:

    When i cant seem to get the words out of my mouth and say what i need to say..

  22. lili:

    my father

  23. Debbie:

    Feeling like I’m always doing something wrong of that I’m never ever good enough: I always have to change or people just leave me.
    Will I ever be good enough the way I am?

  24. Rebecca:

    how my only problem in life is how I get in the way of myself.

  25. Deborah:

    My chronic pain and how it affects not just myself but my husband and children.

  26. Úna:

    The things I say without thinking to the people I want to impress.

  27. Alicia:

    Constantly comparing myself to others

  28. Catherine:

    My fear of loosing you to the one you loved before me. That you guys still talk and you try to hide it from me. That you still yern to feel her love again. That you are not happy. That I can’t give you what you want.

  29. Adria:

    the knowledge that you cheated on me for so long even rubbed it in my face….yet i stayed….yet i still love you….my memories are my worst enemy….yet there you are sleeping next to me and im dieing inside still…

  30. Firefly:

    Petty arguments.

  31. Nsn:

    Betrayal over and over back to back bfs, then friends then my own family then bfs and more friends and now I’m
    Alone. I’d rather be dead.

  32. mm:

    That I am not satisfied with myself

  33. Rayton:

    underestimating myself and my abilities

  34. my aspirations!

  35. Hane:

    getting old and not being able to dance, not being able to fall in love again.

  36. Kristian:

    Knowing I let you go,not because of the reason you thing. But because I was afraid, of falling for you. But I later found out, I already fell, but you were already out the door.

  37. southerngirl:

    that no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t keep my marriage together…

  38. Layla:


  39. K:

    The guilt I have over things I can’t quite remember clearly enough to know just how guilty I should feel, which only makes it worse.

  40. Not Being able to afford and give my daughters the childhood of my dreams

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