Question 732

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  1. Úna:

    Little things, like saying hi to the kid that doesn’t talk much, or giving the autistic kid a high five in the hallway, or helping the struggling student with a math problem.

  2. Drew:

    I guess I’ll be generic and say other people. Cliché, but I mean, it’s true. I think I have a different answer as well though, music. Everyone likes music, but nobody really pays attention to it. You hear it, but you don’t listen. When you start listening is when you start believing in it. Helped me a lot. There’s always some really beautiful out there.

  3. Blink:

    ^Agree with you Drew. Not generic at all. People sometimes forget they are part of the world rather than just themselves

  4. Daren:

    The simple things in life. Taking the time to appreciate what you have to be grateful for. Realizing that more “stuff” does necessarily bring happiness. I agree with Drew…music is simple…you can make your own or listen on the radio. It fills the silence, stimulates thinking & can brighten your days.

  5. malak:

    The little simple things ….the things that trumpery matter …

  6. Sharlene:

    The future of education in America (U.S.A.), our country is really in trouble in this area. Most students today are NOT being prepared to be responsible for their future and it WILL affect all of us.

  7. Brent:

    Themselves and their health.

  8. mac1:

    this question was asked about a week ago?

  9. Starrgirl:

    the good of our country and it’s people, as opposed to a particular political agenda.

  10. Jayne:

    Our emotional health. Things like self esteem, confidence, humility, and honesty. This could maybe be considered mental health, but I think these things deal with the heart more than the brain.

  11. S:

    And each other.

  12. Firefly:

    The environment! If we can improve even that we can it’ll pave a better way for the future. Also being nice to people!

  13. Ravi:


  14. Debi:

    our planet!

  15. Carly:

    themselves. I know in today’s society a lot of people only think about themselves, but I live in a town where it is the exact opposite. All the girls i graduated with at my high school have such low self worth, and they often stick with guys that beat them, belittle them, and emotionally abuse them. They don’t think they are smart enough to go anywhere in life or accomplish any of their goals. Half of them already got pregnant and we are only 19. It is just such a shame how little teenage girls think of themselves these days. They need to start caring more about themselves and stop giving themselves away to people who do not deserve them.

  16. Nsn:

    Themselves. If you don’t take care of yourself and love you in this present moment it’s hard to have peace with everything else in life

  17. Lauren:

    Themselves… and then, one another….

  18. Me:

    [1]The world as in the environment
    [2]People who are less fortunate
    [3]Loved ones’ feelings

  19. pia:

    Our kids and not the blackberry.

  20. Rayton:

    Other people. Individuals often lose a great huge world and bunch of opportunities to better life because they jsut don’t care about others. Relationships can change your world.

  21. Other people.

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