Question 733

Photo by: Giulio Bernardi

43 Responses to “Question 733”

  1. Starrgirl:

    Be real.

  2. m:

    sleep.. read the bible

  3. n:

    ..stay awake

  4. Jayne:

    Drive a stick shift.

  5. Littlecloud:

    Dreaming. And not in the sense of dreaming when you’re asleep, but dreaming about how life could be, dreaming about goals you want to achieve etc…

  6. S:


  7. Chen:

    Love and self-knowing. Perhaps.

  8. susan:

    Simple things: iron, sew, cook, grow something

  9. Jennifer:

    Change a flat tire. (Thanks, dad!)

  10. Ravi:

    read write swim have fun

  11. dada:


  12. Cari:

    Swim, give CPR and the Heimlich (sp?) manuever. All these things could save your life or someone else’s someday.

  13. Sara:


  14. I love the way you answer your questions with your photos.

  15. malak:

    How to show make every person they know feel like they’re apreciated and cared for….

  16. mac1:

    read and write..i think the pictures on the questions can sometimes determine my answers? speech is also important

  17. Danni:

    Defend yourself

  18. Nina:

    I would say be responsible for yourself: practical skills like cooking, handling your finances, time management and relationship skills. This also includes reading, writing, basic fixes for household problems/health issues, etc.

  19. Shawna:


  20. Debi:


  21. Kirsten:

    Stand up for yourself.

    Also, knowing how to be self-sufficient is really important.

  22. Gire:

    workout, write/read for fun, volunteer, paint to slow music, yoga/meditation, create and cook healthy recipes! Answering this question has just made me realize that whenever I do one of these things i feel great, i’m definetly going to make changes.Having no time is no excuse.

  23. make glossy effect with photoshop. it’s fun.

  24. Duvey:

    Do a pull up.

  25. Nat:

    READ! It’s whats kept me alive these past 20-some years.

  26. Lauren:

    Empathize, Support, Display Compassion and help anything, anywhere, whenever the opportunity arises

    If you can, go on a mission trip, you’ll see how fortunate you truly are..

  27. Me:

    Live, laugh and love!!

  28. Jody:

    Make change properly, counting it back correctly!!

  29. ankita:

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  30. Firefly:

    Be well mannered and friendly 🙂

  31. pia:

    If global warming continues, we’re gonna need it.

  32. Hope:

    Seriously? It’s breathing.

  33. Taylor:

    Smile, Laugh, and Love

  34. vladik:

    how to be tolerant.

  35. blablabla:


  36. Lisa:

    Listen to understand.

  37. Lauren:

    Learn, unlearn and relearn…

  38. Jaki:


  39. Rayton:

    Enjoy the small little things life offers, and to care wholeheartedly.

  40. southerngirl:

    forgive…let go…apologize…be independent

  41. Me:


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