Question 739

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30 Responses to “Question 739”

  1. Tapio J.:

    “It is impossible!”

  2. morgan:

    giving up.

  3. m:

    never say no to sleeping.. umm probably just things you believe in.. always follow your dreams.

  4. n:

    ..never say no to staying awake

  5. Daren:


  6. lili:

    drugs alcohol
    things you shouldnt do

  7. dada:

    war (one is just enough for me)

  8. tiny monologue:

    my mother.

  9. Nina:


  10. Whatever is asked from you that could compromise your integrity as a person and human being.

  11. Cari:

    How about sex with someone you aren’t attracted to, drugs – esp. METH and heroin, joining a gang, being a terrorist, sex with a terrorist, murder, fanatics and many many more. Just say NO.

  12. malak:

    war, injustice 😀

  13. Ravi:

    Don’t say yes when you want to say no.

  14. valentina:

    giving up and remember the past

  15. Alicia:

    Pressure from “friends”

  16. Alanna:

    Doing harm to someone else

  17. mac1:

    drugs mm k..

  18. Me:

    Being taken for granted

  19. MA:

    Child abuse.

  20. Lauren:

    The easy way out…

  21. hayate-kun:

    Early marriage, eventho i’m 25 this year! *facepalm*

  22. jz:

    -someone who is asking you favors all the time and taking advantage of you because you’re too nice.

    -someone wanting you to do work for free.

    -getting into a relationship or a marriage when deep down you don’t want to.

    -a random stranger asking to use your cell phone.

  23. Lacey:

    Temptation. Once you start….you can’t stop.

  24. Rayton:

    giving up, even when it seems intolerable.

  25. Hane:


  26. Racism.
    Adultery/Inappropriate involvement with a married individual. Despite how you might feel or how it might make you feel, or how good the sex is or whatever – it destroys individuals and families.

  27. Julie:

    Suicide. Hang in there, I promise things will get better even if they now seem dull and shallow.

  28. Me:


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