Question 748

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  1. m:

    sleep.. i’m not really sure

  2. n:

    ..staying awake

  3. Barry:


  4. Leila:


  5. susan:

    Having a child and being a Mother …

  6. Sf:

    The passing of family or close friends

  7. Duvey:

    Most things. You can tell someone not to drink too much but they will not learn until they experience drinking too much.

  8. Heath:

    Love, sex, and drugs.

  9. TCL:

    Mistakes to be experienced before they are understood.

  10. Alicia:

    Being an outcast, loner, or friendless due to something you cannot change or help about yourself

  11. Rob:


  12. Sandy:

    Any sort of pain, physical, emotional or spiritual, or any other type of pain. Empathy can be attempted, but it needs to be experienced for a true understanding.

  13. malak:

    life …umm…everything

  14. any:


  15. Just Looking:

    Everything. There is nothing you can truly understand without experiencing, and even then, most don’t understand it anyways.

  16. Mental illness, cultures, And I guess motherhood (not experienced tho)

  17. fuckmebithces:

    sex. you just know when your a pro.

  18. almost everything….


  19. from the image i’d say..motherhood 😛

  20. jz:

    Any one person’s life. This is why people’s judgement of others is often misplaced.

  21. Ilham:

    you could choose from tragic death to living life fully.

  22. maggi:


  23. Maria José:


  24. Jarvis:

    Bipolar Mania — it’s a trip

  25. Christine:

    love, suicidal thoughts/depression, getting drunk

  26. LOVE

  27. Kotie:

    True sadness. Growing up without a father. Blinding anger. Pure joy. Pant-wetting fear. Being swept under.

  28. Rayton:

    Being on your own for the first time

  29. Amor:


  30. Julie Takase:

    a broken heart and healing a broken heart.

  31. Fifi834:

    Mental Illness
    … the list goes on and on …

  32. Kendall:

    Losing a baby sister and having it be the first thing you can ever remember from the age of 3 on up.

  33. Marit:

    Everything in life.
    That’s why we have to experience everything: the good things and the bad things;
    happiness and sorrow.

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