Question 749

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  1. fuckmebithces:


  2. Barry:

    Mistaking the numbness that alcohol and drugs provide as real happiness

  3. Drew:

    Revenge doesn’t really do anything.

  4. m:

    that sleep isn’t a enough.. it is.. that sexual relations with someone is all that love is all about.. it’s not.

  5. LittleTea:

    Mybe falling in love with you is a mistake, but I know I would rather smile in tears than regret crying.

  6. Susan:

    That happiness comes from anywhere other than from WITHIN …

  7. dada:

    to believe in fairy tales
    no, not every story has to have a happy end

  8. when people are happy they rejoice a little too much not realizing that sadness could strike them any second, and when it does, they forget they ever were happy

  9. shibumi:

    Worrying about when it will end..

  10. Rob:

    We allow ourselves to be dependant on others for our happiness.

  11. Richard:

    Wanting too much. It’s amazing how much happier you are when your desires are small.

  12. malak:

    To think that if the end isnt happy then the whole story wasnt worth it ….

  13. Sandy:

    That happiness requires a source other than yourself.

  14. Maslow:

    Money (perhaps searching for the route to an overpaid but crappy job)

  15. Leila:

    that doing whatever you please leads to happiness. it sure doesn’t.

  16. Michaela:

    That it is the times that we are down that make us know and appreciate the happy times. You cannot have happiness without sadness.

  17. haruhiro:

    Assuming that someone else will make you happy.

  18. nadira:

    perfection is the misconception..true happiness comes with contentment

  19. Anna:

    Personally, I’ve found that I am least happy when I act in my own self-interests, and when I indulge the self-interests of others. A life of happiness comes from living purposefully for others, and working to deconstruct the barriers that limit your own (and others’) full potential.

  20. hira:

    it may b evry story haz nt

  21. Putting conditions to happiness for e.g I will be happy when………..

  22. sam:

    That their happiness depends on this or that. . . . .

  23. Rayton:

    That happiness depends on someone else, like a friend or a romantic partner.

  24. Hane:

    Falling in love

  25. Me:

    trying to please EVERYONE. Its impossible.

  26. Tiemen:

    that people aspire to be happy instead of content. i believe that one cannot attain happiness as a state of being, it is only a temporary emotion someone experiences at a particularly wonderful occurrences. but being content, being able to accept your current state and circumstances and not needing to change it in order to not feel wanting or regret, that is truly the highest attainable goal.

  27. Sarah D:

    People share their happiness too soon. Like counting cards at the table.

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