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  1. Chill:

    I found a girl who was perfect to me.. But then we were seperated
    Every good thing is leveled with a bad?

  2. Drew:

    There have been thousands. None stand out at the moment, though I do remember talking to God. He didn’t reply with words, but when I was outside, I was on this hill overlooking a park. It was an awful day in winter and I was by myself. I asked God to show me beauty. I turned around right when the clouds parted.

    That was when I started believing in God.

    And when I found out that I wasn’t a Christian.

  3. m:

    when i could finally sleep.. when i found out what was wrong with me.

  4. Blink:

    I found the strength to actually live, rather than being crippled with depression

  5. Sonja:

    I’m pregnant 🙂

  6. It is early, the sun is not up yet. I am sleepy and the first answer that came to my mind was meeting the man who would be my second husband. I am from Brazil, traveled to France to work in a lab. He is American traveled from the US to work in the exact same lab. So unlikely that we would ever meet!

    but the best is that I asked him the question, and he did not even blink – said that it had to be meeting me

    We’ve been married 12 years and I cannot think of us apart ever

    thanks for a nice question!

  7. Cari:

    Drew I like your answer!

    Since the questions was about “small” miracles and I consider meeting my husband a BIG miracle, my small miracle is that I finally got a really good job offer after being out of work for a year and four months. YES!!! My unemployment is about to run out and I have even had to consider working at Walmart or somewhere similar, so for me this IS a miracle! 😀

  8. Rob:

    That I’m here. That I have an excellent job despite my level of education. That I have things to do that I love. That I have some of the best friends that I have ever known in my life. That I still have dreams worth dreaming

  9. Wesley:

    I wouldn’t call it small, but surviving birth.

  10. Angria:

    Meeting my teacher. His instruction and help was a pivotal moment in my life.

  11. Socks:

    By some miracle, for some divine reason, we are all here. There are so many times I could have died over the years. What if I had run out into the street when I was little? What if I didn’t have access to medical care? What if, standing on the edge of a cliff in the Sierra Nevadas, I had slipped? But for some reason, I never did. All the little things that didn’t happen are miracles too.

  12. hira:

    the mircal in my life
    i waz a child when i lost my 2 brothers..after it 1 sistr

  13. hira:

    i waz a child when i lost my 2 brothers..after it 1 sistr

  14. Despite everything that has happened in my life – today I have survived all of that!

  15. sam:

    . . . . I’ve discovered my purpose in life

  16. Henk:

    When I think about my road so far in life I’m glad I made it so far even though I’m still young, there have been a lot of times when I felt alone and depressed. The little lights in my life that made me get trough are now a part of me, they make me smile every day.

    The little miracles make us stronger, they make us hold on to see a brighter tomorrow :).

  17. hayate-kun:

    the birth of my younger siblings.. 🙂
    at the beginning,it was just me & brother,and after 10 years,my parents decided to have another child.. <3 and now,there're 5 of us! ^^

  18. FEVEN:

    my dad getting better.

  19. Debi:

    I was so close to being run over by a 57 chevy in First grade, my knees were scared pretty badly, but I held on to the arm rest and didn’t go under the wheels or i wouldn’t be here. You might wonder how this occurred, well, the door of my grandpa’s car was hard to open, so being smart, I thought, I’ll just pull the door closed and hold it with my hand on the way to school. that way my grandpa wouldn’t have to get out and open my door for me at school. First corner we came to, door flew open, I flew out. Painful experience! Miracle non the less!

  20. Kotie:

    I survived.

  21. Midway:

    Foudn what I am supposed to devote my life too

  22. Midway:

    *found *to

  23. Rayton:

    I believe that this ¨coincidence¨ seems to be the miracle that made me make a huge decisionin my life concerning my future, and so far I can´t say it was easy- but it’s great altogether.

  24. Julie Takase:

    everyday i wake up and cant believe this is my life. this is a miracle. i rose above everything to be a better human being.

  25. Taylor:

    We always find each other, whether it’s miles away or close to home.

  26. Kristian:

    I watched my mom and her mother devolop a relationship of mother and daughter, when my grandmother was on her death bed. After years of mistreatment my mom endured from my grandmother, my mom was still able to be a daughter. To a Mom who was really just a mother, she told my mom she was sorry and she loved her, 3 days before she died… I witness a miracle of unconditional love between a daughter and her mother.

  27. southerngirl:

    each sunrise that I know I don’t deserve, yet I receive…because God LOVES ME!

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