Question 753

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24 Responses to “Question 753”

  1. Pam:


  2. Alicia:

    Deep, in-depth, philosophical conversations

    Time to write


  3. Susan:

    F A M I L Y

  4. Mazl:


  5. Belle:


  6. Chill:

    From me and to me

  7. Drew:

    PEOPLE. God, I’m so fucking lonely. I haven’t seen my friends in ages because everybody’s moved to college and now I’m homeschooled so socializing is down to a minimum. I miss my friends. Hell, I just miss people in general.

  8. Duvey:


  9. Arts of Life

  10. Rob:

    Sunshine and freedom

  11. Cari:

    Drew – you aren’t alone. There are a lot of people out there – you might like a site I belong to called Daily challenge – It’s a good way to connect with people and it’s helped me feel connected although I live in the country.

    At the risk of sounding trite, I have everything I need except…money.

  12. dada:


  13. Christine:

    happiness. and someone showing that they truly care

  14. Jodie:

    Health (I’ve had five surgeries in seventeen months)

  15. A place to call My Home

  16. Vicky:

    more laughing , genuine conversation and culture

  17. Debi:

    Meaningful conversation with others! Why do I feel like I’m so alone and sad!

  18. Midway:

    Poetry and time to lay in my bed.

  19. Hane:

    Sex, hugs, and laughter.

  20. Rayton:

    deeper connections with people

  21. Love.

  22. Lindsay:


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