Question 754

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  1. m:

    to not sleep.. to follow your heart.. never worked so for now on it’s follow my mind.

  2. Rob:

    Get married. I wish I’d taken the time to let me figure out myself so that I had a true picture of who I was and had made the decision accordingly. There are some of societies molds that I simply don’t fit in to

  3. Leila:

    if it feels right, it can’t be wrong.

    do whatever you want; it will make you happy.

  4. Littlecloud:

    There just high school friends, in a few years they don’t even matter anymore, so you better choose your career over people who won’t be there in your future.

  5. Mazl:

    You don’t need that piano anymore … (I was 18)

    .. years passed without one…. then, after owning various pianos… …. I know I cannot live without one

  6. dada:

    from someone else … its allways wrong one couse they never know the hole thing

    listen to yourself, your body and mind will always tell you what you need

  7. Chill:

    Someone told me to basically be someone im not, worse advice ive ever taken.

  8. Drew:

    I’m going to say, “Give up.”

  9. lily:

    To stay with him.

  10. Elle:

    You want to lose weight? Stop eating.

  11. Jodie:

    The older children get, the easier they are to raise. (still pouting about this lie)

  12. Accomodate, compromise and let go your self respect

  13. Heath:

    You can do anything if you try hard enough.

    HA! Total bull. I can try so hard that I break in various ways, all without even approaching the goal. My countering advice is this: Dream big, but live simply.

  14. Lou:

    That if I’m sure I can make the same money as I do now by pursuing the career I wanted… I think that even if I make less money I’d be happier!

  15. Inge:

    Just get a grip, get over it.

  16. hayate-kun:

    “Sex (before marriage) is the way u show your love” WTF? ><

  17. Socks:

    Never give up.
    Sometimes giving up an argument doesn’t mean you lost, it just means you value your relationship more.

  18. Alicia:

    Be more outgoing.

    Screw that. I’m quiet and I’m happy that way.

  19. Leila:

    That I can do things on my own. –It’s impossible! I always need God.

  20. Ilham:

    be grateful.
    be responsible.

  21. Lexi:

    Hide who you really are. They will hate you more if yo don’t.

    Now I live by the motto ‘loud and proud’. Best decision. I’m way happier now.

  22. Leena:

    To stick to the societal norm. Follow the rules and stay within the safe lines. Go to university as soon as you get out of school and get this high paying job you do not want because money is all you need. I want to travel. And i will 🙂

  23. Paula:

    Trust me, just change.

    Worst two pieces of advice actually.

  24. Neicy:

    Look before you leap.
    Sometime you need to just close your eyes and look, what’s in front of you may look scary and hold you back but it may be the best thing that can ever happen to you

  25. Jaki:

    “Just go for it, ask him out. What’s the worst that could happen?”

    Seven months later, after our break up, I’m still wondering if I’ll fully recover from the heartbreak.

  26. Sarah:

    that he wont do it again and to just stay with him.

  27. Rayton:

    Don’t trust people, they all care about nothing but themselves.

    I see the point behind it, but the perspective of being so suspicious about everything alongside with the loss of the truly amazing feeling and gains of connecting deeply- are just aspects that cantotally ruin one’s life.

  28. “Just get over it” (as if things were that easy)

  29. Elle:

    You need to love yourself before loving someone else.

  30. Julie Takase:

    “trust me” HA! Trust yourself. Trust only those that have gained your trust.

  31. Alex:

    Its better to love and lost, then to never love at all

  32. Jenny:

    A couple of people told me to give up on the love of my life after we had a big fight. When I followed my heart, rather than that poor advice, they stopped speaking to me.

  33. My Mother told me when i was 13 that it was fine to date a 24 year old, when he started beating me and shooting me up with heroin i asked her if that was natural too, and she simply replied, “..Stop making him angry and he wouldnt find the need to hit nor drug you…” To this day i have a 1” metal plate in my head because he threw me off a second story balcony while he was high. i was in critical condition for a month. My Mother now is a permanent resident at Laurel Ridge.

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