Question 764

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24 Responses to “Question 764”

  1. haitianphoenix:

    “I love you”

  2. Drew:

    I Hurt

  3. m:

    i like to sleep.. i’m to freaking short and nobody is ever going to love me /:

  4. Drew:

    There are two Drew’s now?

    I’d like to say that I’m a nice person. Though in Jedi speak, my thoughts betray me.

  5. “You’re sexy and you know it!” That’d be followed by a wink, of course.

  6. Susan:

    I am forgiven

  7. Chill:

    I did the best i could

  8. Mazl:

    I made someone’s day brighter ?

  9. nunks:

    there is nothing that i have or haven’t done that isn’t worthy of love

  10. dada:

    you are doing just fine … let the time be your friend !

  11. Lauren:

    That I am proud to be me…

  12. feven:

    i laugh a lot………

  13. notfornothing:

    i’m good to my friends- thats something everyone should be able to say about themself

  14. Bailey:

    You are worth it.

  15. Void:

    I am perfect.

  16. Me:

    I am loyal.

  17. Hotchkiss:

    I am a liar.. just my lie always being see through.. =(

  18. Alicia:

    I am a human being and entitled to certain unalienable rights simply because of that fact

  19. thebrunette:

    I am an imperfect child of a God whose Son died to perfect me

  20. Hane:

    I am a better person now.

  21. Meera:

    Lauren…let me use your words..”I’m proud to be me :)and will always be :)and that is one day to ensure that I don’t do anything that I will be ashamed to admit to myself or to others

  22. Me:

    I am happy to be myself

  23. Rayton:

    I truly love myself

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