Question 776

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  1. varun:

    is it all downhill from now?

  2. Sandy:

    Do others see me the way I see myself, if it is different, how?

  3. Chill:

    Is she the one?

  4. m:

    am i sleepy?.. is this really what i want? am i happy?

  5. Kotie:

    Is this really who I am?

  6. Leila:

    Does God exist?

  7. V3nD1:

    Where am I going?

  8. Alicia:

    Am I heterosexual? If not, what sexual orientation do I identify with?

    Am I who I always said I would be?

    What if I’m wrong? What if they’re wrong?

    What if I’m right? What if they’re right?

    If I had done this, would things be better now? If I had done that, would this be different?

    Will anyone remember me after I die?

    Am I a good person?

  9. sasha:

    am i happy, is this who i honestly want to spend the rest of my life with or am i just settling because i’m afraid that i won’t find anyone better.

  10. jj:

    Is this the right place to be in? Is this the right way? Am I really happy with him or just afraid to let him go and be with myself until the right one comes along?

  11. Agnessa:

    Who am I when I when I don’t take into account my actions?
    What is left of me when I don’t do anything?

  12. Mazl:

    Is it any of my business what people think of me?

  13. Are the claims of the Bible true? Is there really a literal heaven and a literal hell? and Am I willing to search for those answers, and then live my life according to what I find?

  14. Am I really like all the people who annoy me?

  15. alwaysbelieve:

    Do I want to know the truth about how others feel about me
    Can I live with myself if I lie
    Can I love God with all my heart

  16. Erica:

    What am I doing?

  17. SUE:

    If I died right now, would I go to heaven or hell? (Regardless if you believed in these places)

    And why?

  18. Ilham:

    do rules really set people free?

  19. Jayne:

    Am I really living the way I know I am supposed to be?
    Is this helping or hurting me?
    Does this really matter in the grand scheme of things?

  20. Tapio J.:

    Who am I?
    Am I really happy?

  21. Hane:

    did he really love me?

  22. Me:

    Why am I here on this earth given this birth as a human?

  23. Heather:

    Am I doing right by God or by the world?

  24. hmmm?:

    why dont i think i am beautiful

  25. hmmm?:

    why dont i think i am beautiful?

  26. hmmm?:

    why dont i think i am beautiful?

  27. Courtney:

    Are you really doing everything you can to make what you want happen–
    Or are you just saying that?

  28. Jed:

    Is this really what I want in my life? And am I too scared to go for it?

  29. Kristian:

    Am I happy with the person I’m turning out to be?

  30. Rayton:

    Are you happy with what your life is right now? If not, what do you do about it?

  31. AJ:

    What am I doing?

  32. Ted:

    Am I settling?

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