Question 777

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  1. m:

    anybody that sleeps.. idk

  2. my dad… there’s so much i don’t know about him and he is a guy with so much depth…

  3. Littlecloud:

    The best friend I lost…

  4. Alicia:

    My beautiful boyfriend <3

  5. dada:

    my ex 🙁

  6. Rob:

    Believe it ir not it would likley be my Mom. She is still one of my best friends.

  7. winston:

    Jesus Christ the man who lived and died unselfishly and changed the world.Believe or not will you be known in two thousand years?

  8. Nina:

    I have yet to meet that person, but I hope to soon.

  9. Tessa:

    My mom <3

  10. y:

    My old friend:)

  11. bapsi:

    a really funny, amazing and beautiful person also known as my girlfriend

  12. Sarah:

    My best friend and sister, Anna

  13. m:

    my bed.. my mom

  14. Sandy:

    My husband…so good to see a picture of the beautiful Rangitoto Island in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand. Awesome!

  15. Hane:

    benedict. because h ewill always fin d a way to make me laugh

  16. Me:

    My husband

  17. lisa:

    anyone with an affliction towards me for any personal or hatefull reason, most of humanity is quick to judge because they feel secure within themselves and with others to judge out of mob mentality. we feel protected and confident once we are safe and understand things more than others but that gives a power over others who are less knowlegeable and that can cause us to be malevolent. without understanding or knowlege we feel weak, vulnerable and as a result of our ignorance we can also lash out at others, but to be taken away from society and the comfort of group confidence and opposing lack of confidence to be faced with one human being to another all false confidence and medial creation of social acception would no longer be relevant and only then can we be truthfull about what kind of person we are and appreciate others we might otherwize condemn out of ignorance

  18. luhar:

    a stranger

  19. Heather:

    the many who I am meant to be with, though we haven’t met yet

  20. MrSexobeat:

    I could live on an isolated island with Jessica Alba for more than a year.

  21. Robin:

    I would spend it with the love of my life, Chad. He is my best friend, lover, soulmate. I never tire of his company.

  22. Jed:

    The person who will eventually become my wife

  23. esha:

    my future husband

  24. Ted:

    The one I let go.

  25. Kiwi:

    My Dom, who passed away last year.

  26. southerngirl:

    he knows who he is…:)

  27. hexmage:

    Someone even I know it shouldn’t be. But at the end of the year me and them would be better for it in more ways that we could ever imagine. and I’m sure they’d share a similar opinion.

  28. Fraser:

    Someone I’ve never met before, or someone weak who tastes of bacon!!!!!

  29. This is a very, very tricky question, one I think too many people are too quick to answer. I could just as easily say “the woman I love,” but then I have to stop and think. This is one year, alone, with only one other person for company. And I realize that I may not want to subject the woman I love to that. I’ve lived with myself for over nineteen years and I don’t know if any sane individual could handle just one year alone with me without anyone else. I don’t know if I’d want to put them through the potential tortures of dealing with that, because I acknowledge that I am very, very difficult to deal with.

    But I believe that in making the choice of loving someone, you dedicate yourself to being with them despite their faults and problems. And I think that if she was willing to look past the reasons that would make a year alone torture, and instead see it as a year with me, then yes. I would very gladly pick her. Because just spending a single day with her is an absolute blessing. To spend a year with her would be better than every single thing I’ve done in my life.

    And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind just spending the rest of my life with her after that. So if I had to pick one person, I would pick her. I would pick Barbara.

  30. Alyssa:

    The Dalai Lama

  31. Dee:

    my best friend

  32. Julia:

    Done this with my boyfriend

  33. Devaroe:

    a random girl that’s not ugly

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