Question 785

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26 Responses to “Question 785”

  1. Blink:

    My own perspective and happiness

  2. Susan:

    My ability to feel comfort in my own skin.

  3. Drew:

    Music. Maybe it doesn’t get better and better, but I find more and more of this never ending abyss-like library of sounds. There’s so much more out there than you’d believe.

  4. Patt:

    My love affair with my husband of nearly 39 years

  5. Debi:

    My relationship with my sister, there was a time when we didn’t speak to each other, like 20 years, yes, 20 long, uncomfortable years, but all is well now and we text or talk daily, I’m so thankful for her support and comfort. She’s great, but lives too far away to visit personally. I’m going to visit her this summer for two weeks. I can’t wait!

  6. jj:

    my inner script

  7. m:


  8. dada:

    happy thoughts and kindnness that I keep finding in myself and that makes my life beautiful

  9. Wesley:

    my relationship with my girlfriend <3

  10. Alicia:

    my relationship with my boyfriend <3

  11. My bravery.

  12. Heather:

    My belief and love of God

  13. Luz:


  14. esha:

    my love for my ALLAH

  15. Ria:

    Our relationship, and my credit score haha.

  16. Lo':

    My emotional and mental stability.

  17. Nate:

    Confidence and knowledge.

  18. Rayton:

    But more specificly- realizing what my values are and living according to them

  19. Cora:

    my business

    self worth

    love for my husband


  20. Lauren:

    lack of discipline in areas that are necessary to face, develop or create happiness for myself, these areas are not fun.. their is no puzzle to solve, just a list of behaviors to complete…
    doing things, no matter how beneficial they may be, are not of interest to me if they have no ambiguity in its solution

  21. Me:

    My strength

  22. Lindsay:

    My relationship with my parents

  23. London:

    The people who I meet – the love and friendship I recieve from them <3

  24. Devaroe:

    pie and love

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