Question 791

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26 Responses to “Question 791”

  1. Kendall:

    College and how I am going to make everything work

  2. Susan:

    Definitely health and fitness. I run 4 mi every morning and have lost 10 pounds. My husband cycles, spins and works out on the eliptical and has lost 54 pounds. We eat clean, healthy meals and feel great!

  3. Mazl:

    …remaining bright and positive for the future despite the death of many friends and loved ones..

  4. Nina:

    Rebuilding my life from the ground up.

  5. Trying to keep my head above water at work.

  6. jj:

    Working on my deepest old schemes. Moving on 🙂

  7. Chill:

    To keep going

  8. Angria:

    Getting into grad school (which I achieved :))

  9. Susan:


  10. m:

    to sleep more.. go to school and make good grades.

  11. Hane:

    Get rich

  12. esha:

    my engagement

  13. Sam:

    Revamping myself. Re-establishing my fundamental beliefs from the ground up and discovering myself and what I want to do with my life.

    All in all, truly finding a reason to live.

  14. Rebecca:

    Figuring out who to trust

  15. dada:

    to find a creative job which don’t make me stand in one place
    I gave myself a whole year of finding an idea and than 3 years to make it true
    (that s how much time I need to pay off my apartment and than I be free as a bird to travel)

  16. Nancy:

    Breathing. Continuing to make the choice for life, even though I would rather not.

  17. Marit:

    I forgot … my father died on December 31.

  18. Alicia:

    Thinking about what I want to do with my life and how I want to live it…and who with

  19. Anne:


  20. Cora:

    being what other people need for me to be

  21. Lauren:

    avoiding what I need to do…
    ruminating on frivolity

  22. Me:

    Study and write

  23. Rayton:

    Studying and and trying to keep myself in the current course of life.

  24. southerngirl:

    just existing

  25. AM:

    being the best Mom I can possibly be.

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