Question 796

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19 Responses to “Question 796”

  1. Mazl:

    ……..I can’t be bothered anymore …..

  2. Rob:

    There is never a good excuse, my goals keep me moving forward, looking to a better day and enjoying the life I have now because goal setting is what got me to this point

  3. Susan:

    No EXCUSE is a GOOD excuse.

  4. md faisal:

    what is key of success

  5. Cari:

    I’m not good enough…

  6. Blink:

    Laziness. Or you’ve run out of energy. You can always find the strength to carry on.

  7. Julie Takase:

    giving up on them because your significant other feels that it isn’t worth the effort! too many times i see people give up on their dreams because they are bashed by others.

  8. m:

    never sleep.. never follow anybody’s advice. live by your own rules.

  9. Wolf:

    …I’m dead

  10. Leila:

    “i won’t make money doing that. i want to follow that dream, but i can’t because i have to have a job that pays well.”


  11. Jayne:

    Thinking that you’re too tired to keep going. Thinking “what’s the point anymore.” Thinking you’re never going to reach your goals. Thinking you’re not good enough to have what you want.

    Any of these are total and complete crap. I’m guilty of feeling them once and a while, but the best feeling is believing I am the exact opposite of everything I listed above.

  12. Alicia:

    My friend/family said it was a horrible idea.

  13. Mo:

    I don’t have time right now or the energy.

  14. I won’t make enough money

  15. Manal:

    Being afraid of failure..

  16. Me:


  17. Lauren:

    saying that it was just ‘too hard’…

  18. Rayton:

    I´m too busy for this goal, I should wait until a better time

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