Question 798

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20 Responses to “Question 798”

  1. Bree:

    Words can never be unspoken.

  2. Niki:

    Childhood can never be relived.

  3. Angelo:

    Anything that was said or done can not be undone.

  4. Fiona:

    The past. No matter what the Thought Police of 1984 said, the past is the past and cannot be undone simply because the records are different. Every action results in another and so the past cannot truly be erased.

  5. Anonymous:

    The results in sex cannot be undone.

  6. jj:

    The past.
    One of my tasks is to convice myself not to think about the “what if”s and to leave it as it was since I can not change it no matter what, and to think I did the best I could. I like to think I am on the right track considering this 🙂

  7. Rebecca:

    the past

  8. mac1:

    a windsor knot 🙂

  9. shelby:

    The first cut. From that point onwards there is no going back.

  10. Love.

  11. Mo:

    Death of a loved one.

  12. an act of kindness. you all say death, and negative things, but just think of how something wonderful that you do is also part of the past. let’s see this question in a better light.

  13. rhonda:

    Amen !! Kiana

  14. Cora:


  15. Me:

    A hurt

  16. Lauren:


  17. Nic:

    Hurtful words can never be undone.

  18. southerngirl:

    A CHOICE – whether its good or bad, right or wrong, made thoughtfully or spontaneously, made drunk or sober, made vindictively or good-heartedly,and lastly made regretfully or with complete satisfaction

  19. Tyler:

    A scrambled egg

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