Question 814

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12 Responses to “Question 814”

  1. Susan:

    My husband does by ‘seeing’ those who are often ignored: the homeless men and women who live on the street. He feeds them, talks to them, hugs them and gives them that human interaction that they rarely ever receive. He treats them with dignity and respect and truly listens to what they have to say.

  2. By simply giving a stranger an unexpected compliment. It truly can make someone’s day!

  3. rob:

    Time. Take the time to give a little attention to people

  4. Courtney:

    Pay for the next person in line’s meal. At the starbucks counter – pay for the next stranger’s coffee.

  5. Dani:

    holding the door open for someone
    giving others a smile as you pass by

  6. Rebecca:

    leave a sticky note somewhere with either an inspiring quote, a smiley face, or ‘you are beautiful’

  7. Me:

    SMILE 🙂

    Pay a compliment and mean it!

  8. Wesley:

    To make someone smile, whether it be with a joke, a compliment, or anything else that might make their day.

  9. jj:

    yup, a smile. and if it is followed by a hug, it is a bingo 🙂

  10. Volunteer

  11. Ria:

    Just don’t be rude to people who make you mad.

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