Question 818

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25 Responses to “Question 818”

  1. Drew:

    Myself, I suppose.

    I’m kind of an ass that way.

  2. Negz:

    Fear ….disappointment

  3. AdamOdes:

    1. Fear of success and the life changes that success might bring – expectations of self, a new perception of self as a “success” so ya gotta keep being succesful.

    2. Lack of Discipline.

    3. Lack of willingness to make the sacrifices necessary for success.

  4. Nic:

    Fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of other people’s reactions in either case.

  5. Susan:

    Lack of motivation.

  6. george:


  7. Mazl:

    Lack of clarity, focus, tenacity and…confidence…

  8. agnessa:


  9. Dana:

    mostly Time and money

  10. jj:


  11. Deb:

    Fear of the unknown or untried. Fear of failure or success. Lack of clarity on the expected outcome or vision.

  12. Bala:

    1. Lack of Persistence
    2. Fear of Criticism/ poverty/ Loss

  13. MoparDanimal:


    I made sacrifices to have a family…and don’t regret it, but see now that the kids are grown, I’m a lost soul…

  14. Jaki:


  15. Either depression or the fact that I put everyone before myself…

  16. angie385:


  17. Rayton:

    Lack of belief in myself and determination, I jsut tend to break in the most important point.

  18. Fraser:

    Circumstance and opportunity

  19. Me:

    Fear of the unknown

  20. Julia:


  21. Not being able to consider myself equal to or as important as others. I have trouble loving myself enough to do what I love, and I have trouble taking care of my dreams the way I try to encourage others to live theirs! If I could take my own advice, I could fly…well, maybe!

    I think self-love is the key to potential….a difficult thing to learn in life!

  22. Joleen:

    I am standing between me and my potential.

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