Question 827

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24 Responses to “Question 827”

  1. AdamOdes:

    The attitude that you “have to” be right.

  2. Madeline:

    saying “there’s always tomorrow”

  3. Susan:


  4. Mazl:

    being a sloth

  5. worrying about what other people think of you.

  6. Tanya:

    Fear of failure

  7. rob:

    TO be successful you must give up the tradition definition of success and find your own definition

  8. tarif mohammad:


  9. Negz:

    Give up living in tne past moment…

  10. Fear

  11. Addie:

    you must give up on inconsistency and lead a disciplined/focused life

  12. Joannaa.RDM:

    constant self-indulgance

  13. Kelly:

    Successful as in… happiest? Probably the chimera of total control

  14. Mike G:

    Non-conformity. Fit in or be doomed to mediocrity.

  15. Insecure feeling

  16. Kait:

    Being self deprecating…

    or fear!

  17. Ravi:

    To be successful is to be concerned only with myself and my future. Is it worth it? I am probably saying this is because I have tried to be successful and have not become successful. I still don’t see how success takes me away from life. If I saw that then I would not spend my time in becoming successful.

  18. Chris:

    Approval or acknowledgement from others .Trust your own judgement

  19. Kate:

    Personally, I think we must give up pride in order to be successful.

  20. Me:

    Your conscious

  21. Rayton:

    Fear of failure

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