Question 835

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  1. dada:

    my job … politicians, goverment

  2. susan:

    Social settings where people are only there to self-promote; business meetings where people communicate using ‘business-speak’ and the latest catch words and phrases in their particular field. Inside I’m laughing because I’m always reminded of episodes of “The Office”. In my meetings, there’s always people who remind me of “Michael Scott” and “Dwight Shrute.” In my office, all of those characters actually exist to a certain extent. So funny.

  3. Mazl:

    negative unreasonable manipulative people – any activity or situation that they try to ‘dump’ you in….

  4. M:

    People who I feel I need to be different around. I will stress every word I pronounce within hearing range of these individuals. There is nothing wrong with these people, I feel I need to be different in order to be accepted by them. Of course, this would make more sense if the person was judging me for my own benefit (job interview, class assignment…etc). Overall, if these examples aren’t present, than I see no point in stressing…nevertheless, I do anyway. These people deplete me of energy.

    Activities that I find most draining are the obvious. Stressful social gatherings…and then, probably like most people, work that lacks visible benefit.


  5. I have 2 specific friends that I try not to hang out with much because they are so negative that it infects me and I catch myself being negative after spending too much time with them.

  6. Winterfriore:

    People who dont enjoy silence and the quietness of nothingness, who create chaos and make waves for others, who suck the life out of you with their toxic negative comments all day everyday. Non-helpers, selfish conceited, power hungry people. Work environments with chaotic, hostile and on edge employees, fearful, underappreciated and uninformed co-workers. Working to support daycare. Wasting any precious time away from the kids who grow up in the blink of an eye. Caring for the elderly as time breaks them down.

  7. Jodie:

    Emotional vampires!!!

  8. Angria:

    My horrendous summer job.
    Certain friends.

    I am easily over-stimulated as an introvert so pretty much anything can leave me depleted after a long period of exposure.

  9. Friends who can’t keep promises and thinking about the future.

  10. Becky:

    Social situations particularly when I feel like I need to act like someone other than myself, work promotional events, big crowds, being with people who are constantly asking for sympathy or are extremely negative. Also just in general days when things are so crowded together that I don’t feel like I have a minute to step aside to refocus myself.

  11. karina:

    drawing..sitting outside at night…being alone…

  12. Fenny:

    Being around people who constantly complaining and also driving in a heavily congested traffic.

  13. Fiona:

    My job. Not even when dealing with customers as much. My coworkers stress me out though. If there’s one good thing about this job, it’s that I know for sure now that I have social anxiety disorder.

  14. Kelly:

    riding the bus, i swear i have energy after work until i get home

  15. Me:

    Gossips and back biters

  16. schoolgirl:

    the ‘good’ girls at my school, i try to ignore… but fail sometimes.

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