Question 836

Photo by: Nicki Varkevisser

19 Responses to “Question 836”

  1. dada:

    I would really like to jump from that cliff

  2. Becky:

    A big push towards recovery from my ED.

  3. One of two things:
    1) Proposing
    2) Getting very serious about my photography business.

  4. Angria:

    Let go of my anger and fear

  5. Mazl:

    Book 5 weeks walking and cycling in Europe…

  6. Madeline:

    admit whats wrong in my life

  7. zavia:


  8. Henry:

    Probably break up with my girlfriend, finish university as soon as possibly and move to Iceland…

  9. Fiona:

    I would finally work up the nerve to tell him my true feelings and not worry about the consequences.


    call in sick and take a day off from work, family and responsibilities. ride my scooter to the lake, hike to the top of the mtn. and let the day roll by. Let the tears flow.

  11. Kelly:

    wow, so many things. confront a person that hurt me, get in touch with a new friend, work on being more myself…if i could ever know what that self is

  12. W.A. Abah:

    For wisdom of course without minding the cost.

  13. Me:

    Write crazily and contact a publisher this weekend

  14. Rayton:

    Get more willing to talk to people I don’t know

  15. Jenna:

    Making it in L.A.

  16. Haataja:

    Just stop thinking what others will think about this or what may happen as a result of me kissing him again, after breaking up 3 years ago..

  17. Joleen:

    my dreams – the biggest of all is to stay in Australia for over one month

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