Question 839

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  1. Drew:

    I think this is the first question that I have read in a very long time, that I just couldn’t find an answer for. I don’t know.

    The right to be human?

    The right to smile?

    I’ll have to think.

  2. Becky:

    the right to have their own opinion

  3. m:

    they can sleep whenever the hell they want to.. freedom.

  4. Susan:

    F R E E D O M

  5. dada:

    sorry, but some people dont diserve to be free

    hm… be responsible for your behaviour ? is responsibility human right ?

  6. angie385:


  7. Mazl:

    to have a voice … to be heard…. to have an opinion

  8. alwaysbelieve:


  9. The right to be happy!

  10. The right to make mistakes and take responsibility for them

  11. the right to be loved

  12. Angria:


  13. Unbelievaburgers:

    looking like a retard in photos.

  14. Inner happiness

  15. Kelly:

    the right to determine their own reactions, which as much autonomy as they can muster

  16. Ilham:

    the right to fight for his life

  17. lisa:

    to love and to be loved

  18. W.A. Abah:

    The right to be different.

  19. Lara:

    To Live.

    you pro-choice people. I don’t understand your ignorance on this subject.

  20. The right to believe in what they want, to fight for respect and equality

  21. Fraser:

    There is no right that everyone has, the world is too vast and varied for that.

    What I am reading are the rights that people believe everyone should have, not what they actually have.

  22. Me:

    The right to exist the way one feels to

  23. Navyshebee:

    To be safe from others and live life peacfully.

  24. lennyk:

    The right to love who they want, male or female

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