Question 47

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85 Responses to “Question 47”

  1. alli:

    i wish i could only know.

  2. CB:

    I should have returned that call.

  3. Kennie Bella:

    My Life Is A huge mess.

  4. Kylie:

    My life is a beautiful ride.

  5. Jess:

    Green eyed girl seeks pure happiness

  6. EmilyBee:

    six words isn;’t enough for me.

  7. Jacob:

    Man becomes what he thinks about.

  8. Keks:


  9. Babs:

    Beauty is the key to love.
    But i’m going to explain it because it sounds bad. Because love is what defines the moment that you look over the ocean or whatever makes you happy and you realize that everything where you are is perfect. It’s beautiful. And love is when you hear that song and it means so much more than actual words could ever mean because the beauty of it captures you. And love is when the people find the beauty in each other, regardless of how they actually look.

  10. Right where I want to be.

  11. Courtney:

    making choices, learning lessons, affecting(the)world*

  12. Kyung:

    Why does it hurt to breathe?

  13. Casey:

    Figuring it out, and loving it

  14. Debbie:

    I’m ready to make a difference.

  15. Valerie:

    Our God is an awesome God.

  16. NJ:

    I don’t want to be afraid.

  17. gabby:

    I try but get so scared

  18. Living one day at a time.

  19. Danielle:

    I’m content just seeing his smile.

  20. Rachel:

    I am living and I’m learning.

  21. April:

    My life is my fairy tale.

  22. Chelsea:

    I am learning what is truly important

  23. Justin:

    Hello, Hola, Salaam, Гавайи, Oi, Culture!

  24. sab:

    Fells like am still not awake.

  25. Aimee:


  26. Amanda:

    A roller coaster of different emotions

  27. Ris:

    We will make it through together.

  28. anon:

    Love and friendship makes it worthwhile

  29. Nick:

    It’s complicated but always unpredictably beautiful.

  30. Alec:

    Finally, my path is very clear.

  31. Michael Hitchcock:

    I learn and reflect and do.

  32. Kristen Deneuve:

    Alone and powerless without my friends.

  33. Rowena:

    Constant twisting and turning with new problems…

  34. sabrina:

    stressful, meaningful, now a lot better

  35. Joleen:

    I am trying to love myself

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