Question 848

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22 Responses to “Question 848”

  1. karina:

    love and god 😉

  2. AdamOdes:

    A Purpose.
    To Know Love.

  3. george:

    to know you’ll be happy on your deathbed, having spread your ideas and wisdom to the youth, and leaving nobody behind wit unanswered questions.

  4. Mazl:

    intention… …. and yoghurt…

  5. rebeka:

    love and health

  6. James:

    I like your answer George. We need wise elders to help us young folks along the way. I greatly appreciate all the help and advice I’ve received from elder peers; I would like to thank a few that I don’t think really realized the impact they had on me.

    – The ability to play music and connect with others in a jam

    – Good peoples

  7. Lori:

    To be truly known– and loved anyway. And books.

  8. Jodie:

    books and solitude.

  9. Nyck:

    a future and a boyfriend. A future, becouse I’m happy now, but I am very insecure with when I finish high school, and make few to change. I must start, but… it is complicated to my feelings.

  10. Victor N.:

    My wife and life

  11. Zoe:


  12. sc76:

    love, hope

  13. Evolving:

    Intimate daily conversations with God.

  14. Kay:

    Love for others and love for yourself.

  15. Fraser:

    Hope and acceptance

  16. Jasmine:

    Good Health and Purpose.

  17. Me:

    My belief in God and know that I am loved by Him

  18. Navyshebee:

    Good medical care, and a positive attitude.

  19. Doke Richardson:

    Serenity and Salvation.

  20. Julia:

    definitely love and food!

  21. Natalie:

    1. Love
    2. Love

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