Question 851

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  1. Mazl:

    …my mother sitting alone at the kitchen table after the family had long left, chewing and sucking on the lamb chop bones we’d left behind on our plates…. but it was her great delight to savour every last morsel of flavour – before the dog finally finished off the scarce remains…

  2. susan:

    My mom would hold me on her lap and gently rub my ears

  3. notfornothing:

    i just love hearing my mom sing. she isn’t majorly talented or anything, but she has a pretty voice and i remember songs she used to sing in the kitchen to herself. it lets me know she’s still happy

  4. Nitin Dwivedi:

    Nituu(nick name)!!! Can you make a cup of tea, I am tired…

  5. sc76:

    the way she used to pamper me during my childhood fever days..used to come to my room to check on me many times a day..i remember her expressions, voice.. filled with loads nd loads of love..

  6. When I was 5, she used to give me a bath. Right before the bath, she would make me piss in a bucket and then pour my piss over my head. She would then give me a bath. She was very superstitious.

  7. eve:

    when my mom holds me and sings 4 me 2 sleep

  8. Ria:

    How she looked when she had just given birth to my little brother. I’d never seen her look so beautiful and so happy. She was more gorgeous than a movie star, she glowed!

  9. Tapestry:

    My favorite memory of my mom is actually a framed large picture
    of her in beautiful clothes ,hat & shoes, with matching luggage.
    She’s got lovely long hair & is ready to board a small plane.

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