Question 857

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31 Responses to “Question 857”

  1. niv:

    waaking up.

  2. Kay:

    Going to bed! 🙂

  3. AdamOdes:

    the days first cup of coffee.

  4. being able to smile sincerely

  5. Angria:

    Hearing my horse nicker for me when I call her

  6. Victor N.:

    Waking up next to my beautiful wife whom I adore with everything I have.

  7. karina:

    waiting until i see my love, my boyfriend

  8. m:

    going to sleep

  9. Mazl:

    ..fresh fruit salad then a cup of tea in bed brought to me by my wonderful husband….every morning…

  10. Alicia:

    spending time with my beautiful daughter 🙂

  11. waking up with a smile!

  12. rob:

    Waking up. Any day on this side of the dirt is a great day.

  13. Dex:

    waking up with music in my ears that makes me jump-start and do the impossible

  14. Lori:

    curling up with a book in bed.

  15. Zoe:

    Hearing the school bell at the end of the day
    Also reading if I’m reading a good book

  16. anna:


  17. Being alive! I also look forward to spending time with my wife.

  18. Fraser:

    Experiencing the unknown or learning something new.

  19. Jasmine:

    Exercising. It makes me feel alive, even when I’m in a total slump.

  20. Rachel:

    Experiencing God

  21. Me:

    Hearing my love tell me how precious I am 🙂

  22. Completing something off of my todo list.

  23. sleeping

  24. Pablo:

    Seeing the girl of my dreams <3

  25. Georgey:

    Speaking to my boyfriend on the phone or skype

  26. Navyshebee:

    Being alive and able to make a difference in others lives no matter how small, even if it is just a laugh or smile.

  27. Samicisco:

    Hearing my fiance’s sweet voice and going for a 2 mile walk with my dog 🙂

  28. irunor:

    Being with my friends.

  29. Julia:

    A hot cup of coffee in the morning.

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