Question 860

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20 Responses to “Question 860”

  1. being ignored, but i’ve learned to cope with it

  2. Mitch:

    Being alone or left alone

  3. Stephanie:

    Being able to create.

  4. Stephanie:

    I saw that question as, “What’s something that makes you happy?” It’s a good thing, I guess, always seeing something positive.

    Something that makes me UN-happy is the lack of time to be able to create.

  5. Me:

    Having no friends – though largely I have been able to cope up with it. Sometimes it does pinch me hard!

  6. Susan:

    Not being acknowledged;
    Being excluded;
    Being treated like you’re not worthy;
    Being hated;
    Not being forgiven;
    Not feeling the love of your children.

  7. giving too much time to people who overlook my worth.

  8. Heather:

    My husband’s drug use makes me unhappy, but he will not quit. I have heard the “I’ll quit soon, I promise” thing way too many times.

  9. Rob:

    It used to be the image in the mirror. Been working on that one. These days I’d say not a lot.

  10. AdamOdes:

    Being an imperfect father.

  11. annie:

    Being busy with things I don’t like but need to…

  12. lily:

    Breaking your heart

  13. karina:

    my depression

  14. I truly wish that I could live up to 200 years.
    I feel 100 years is not enough (I’m 30yo atm)

  15. bright:

    seeing people acting inhumanely to others

  16. Seeing someone completely forget me after we’ve been through so much….

  17. jhierren:

    Lack of understanding of other people. I thought that it would be the most crisis of people nowadays

  18. Ria:

    Getting yelled at at work. Not being able to hug my long-distance boyfriend.

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