Question 862

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  1. AdamOdes:

    1. sitting here in the middle of the 13th hr. of a 19 hr. work day but it’s challenging and interesting work with people I enjoy.
    2. Bacon Flavor Sunflower Seeds
    3. Big Rockstar White Can
    4. Speedy internet connection
    5. Knowing my family is home asleep, safe and cozy.
    6. Cheap medium pt. ball pens
    7. ergonomic office chair
    8. Accomplishment Jar has stuff in it.
    9. My son’s first soccer team picture.
    10. Picture of my wife embracing our boys.

  2. 1. comfty couch
    2. 10th place Nationals Chess Trophy
    3. cute clothing
    4. a radio
    5. sheet music
    6. fluffy blankets
    7. my stuffed animals- connor and koalalalalala
    8. my bunny hat
    9. secret stash of love notes
    10. my favorite sweater

    haha XD and there’s still more! first time i’ve really appreciated all this.

  3. m:

    1. my bed that i sleep on
    2. my pillows that i put my head on to sleep on
    3. my pajamas i sleep in
    4. my microbead pillow i hold while i sleep.
    5. my tv that i watch when i can’t sleep.
    6. my phone i use to tweet before i go to sleep.
    7. my night stand i use to put my drink when i wake up to drink something
    8. my floor so my bed has a place to be.
    9. my lamp so i can turn it off after i go to sleep.
    10. my bed that i sleep on.

  4. Mazl:

    1. eyes that can see
    2. lots of technology/devices around me, charging
    3. kind, healthy husband asleep in next room
    4. dog asleep after operation today at vet…good news – not cancer
    5. an old but very warm polar fleece jacket I am wearing
    6. camera full of recent happy occasions
    7. blinking light on phone with message from son saying medical test was ok
    8. my brand new black jeans – bought today
    9. photos of my daughter and son …. and dog …
    10. a reasonably tidy room with a nearly cleared tray and less sticky notes than usual on my noticeboard

  5. NatΓ‘lia Melo:

    1. Sun
    2. A blue sky
    3. My work
    4. Good music
    5. My friend Dora
    6. A good friend on Skype
    7. A love in my heart
    8. Candies
    9. A felt magazine
    10.Pictures of my friends

  6. rob:

    1. good co-workers
    2. a great job
    3. an employer who cares enough to alter a work station to fit me
    4. my iphone is palying great music
    5. a fresh orange waiting to be peeled
    6. keys to a good car, that is paid off πŸ™‚
    7. my paystub, reminding me my work is valued
    8. digital picture frame rolling thru my non work loves
    9. a solid net connection
    10. I’m here, I know that counts

  7. Alicia:

    1 pictures of my beautiful daughter, the love of my life πŸ™‚

    2 artwork that my daughter for me

    3 blue sky

    4 sunshine

    5 trees

    6 birds flying

    7 my sparkly toenails

    8 my notebook

    9 a bottle of ice cold water to quench my thirst

    10 calendar with pictures of my favorite place… THE BEACH! πŸ™‚

  8. Nope sorry. Only got to about 8 and that includes the ability to see some of the sun

  9. shug:

    1. The shelter where I live
    2. The donated food they feed us.
    3. The internet connection/computer they let us use.
    4. This website for making me think about things.
    5. The good friends who shared my birthday with me.
    6. Good health.
    7. The rain we experienced earlier–we really needed it.
    8. The answers to my requests. Thank you!
    9. I’m running out of thing to count: the encouragement I always receive just when I need it.
    10.People who care enough to do something about it.

  10. Nick:

    1. my chinchilla

    2. my mudskipper tank

    3. my roborovski hamster

    4. my great gray slug (limax maximus) that i rescued

    5. my salt lamp

    6. a yankee candle

    7. my official certificate of National Honor Society membership from high school

    8. two buddha statues

    9. this bed

    10. an old pokemon poster from my childhood

    some would say these are material things, but i love those animals (1-4) like they are my children

  11. hayate-kun:

    1. My college time ambition > Programmer
    2. Japanese company
    3. Afford to go to concerts
    4. My parents are healthy and happy
    5. My siblings have a good education path
    6. My mini smartphone from my own money
    7. Speaking in mandarin
    8. Internet
    9. A motivational calender:”Life is like riding a bicycle.In order to keep your balance,you must keep moving”
    10. Life experience.

  12. alwaysbelieve:

    1. My family
    2. My home
    3. My job
    4. Good night’s sleep
    5. Technology
    6. Sunrise
    7. Sunset
    8. Roses
    9. My blessing candles
    10. Women’s Faith Group

  13. zavia:

    thank you so much Shug

  14. Sherri:

    1. ice water
    2. philosophy “hope” clasp
    3. sharp scissors
    4. clear corrects
    5. iphone
    6. this website
    7. fantastic work environment
    8. gym bag, without gym clothes (not working out today- yay!)
    9. SHORT list of work assignments
    10. fantastic mood!!!

  15. Ria:

    1. my little brother is sitting next to me reading, so cute
    2. electricity
    3. four walls
    4. the smell of dinner cooking is coming from the kitchen
    5. comfy couch
    6. tea
    7. clothes
    8. lots of books on the shelves
    9. dog is in the room too
    10. um…comfy socks πŸ˜›

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