Question 881

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  1. more. do not arm those who can’t mentally or physically handle a gun.

  2. Bonsi:

    1. More
    2. More self-inflicted wounds due to misusage/wrong handling of guns

  3. Ameha:

    Less, cause every1 hv it

  4. Susan:

    There’s not a single place in the entire world where murder rates fell after gun control laws were passed. Statistically, there is no single jurisdiction in the entire world where imposing gun control laws have triggered a decline in murder rates. “The very rules that seek to save lives can result in more deaths.” Twelve years of additional experience and mountains of data confirm the empirical truth – more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens mean less crime. Dr John Lott

  5. Jeff:

    Same. Those who murder will murder still… But I’d like to see guns carried by mentally stable law abiding citizens who could take down a deranged person who is randomly shooting people.

  6. Generally less. But with the guns being in hands there needs to be some proficiency / training that goes with. I think everyone who is mentally and physically able should be taught proper use armed.

    I do agree there would be more accidental self inflicted wounds, but I think the crime rates would go down when there is a very real threat of being shot or killed if.

  7. zavia:

    man should abide by weapons,only women should have gun in order to keep and maintain peace.

  8. Alicia:

    Peace by deterrence.

  9. Kris:

    More because accidents happen.

  10. Vaishakh:

    It’s like asking if everyone had dick would there be more or less sex and i guess you know the answer very well….

  11. Konungr:
  12. Annabelle:


  13. Unbelievaburgers:

    Anyone who says there would be less is retarded. There would be FEWER.

    Furthermore, only 3 groups should be allowed to have guns:
    – Special Forces Military
    – Alabamans
    – Grammar Nazis

    Ultimately, however, the answer is not enough.

  14. I believe there would be more, but it does not really matter. What matters is that nobody should be placed in an environment where they must carry a gun to feel safe. There are individuals who simply do not believe in being violent. Like my friend Aung Thu Bo, who was a buddhist and literally would not hurt a fly. The same friend was shot point blank in the head in a robbery two months ago. He was a full time student with two jobs who lived at home with his refugee family (his parents, his three younger sisters, and his grandmother). I don’t want to live anywhere where I need a gun to feel safe, and nobody has a right to force people who chose to live against violence to do so either.

  15. Norway:

    This question is a fact that we as a society has failed. We shouldn’t even need guns to begin with. Guns make the world a worse place than it has to be. It empowers people to much. More guns might lead to fewer deaths and violence, but it will make the world a scary place. A place where everyone is scared of everyone. It’s scary to think of how paranoind the world has become. Every day we move one step closer to self destruction. If we get more guns, where will it stop? It is in our nature to want more and more. If we evolve into wanting just what we need, we would be better off than ever before.

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