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  1. AdamOdes:

    Myself. I’ve built the modest but meaningful life I set out to build and now it’s time for a new direction and i’m lost and stuck. Life is a cycle and I am at an exciting new beginning.

  2. Racheal Joy Scott, the first victim of the Columbine shooting, had one goal: to start a chain reaction of kindness. She did everything in her power to reach out to new kids, shy kids, and disabled kids. She was incredibly passionate about making a difference in her community. Why was she so successful? Because even today, 13 years after her death, her story still circulates the country, setting off even more chain reactions of kindness. To accomplish your goal during your lifetime is one thing. But to have your goal countinue and expand even after you are gone is a lot more to be proud of.

  3. Famed photographer Jasmine Star. She walked away on what everyone else thinks the “American Dream” is suppose to be {she was in law school}, and went after dream of photography. She had no formal training; she taught herself. It was tough for her in the beginning and but photography was and is her passion so she made it work. In my opinion, that is success.

  4. hannah:


  5. hannah:

    She can be herself

  6. Alex:

    My uncle, Bruce.
    He was never financially rich, but he was happy. He was a comedian, even made it on the Tonight Show back in the early 90s. I never realized how success was truly measured until he passed away. He may not have been a millionaire, or didn’t have the best jobs at all times, but when his time came (cancer), there was almost 200 people at the funeral, to say goodbye. Seeing how many people he was able to touch and leave such a lasting impression on through his life, that is real success.

  7. Tapestry:

    A female horse jockey I read about. Why? She was already
    an airplane pilot, ( one of the things I am interrested in doing)
    & she had a great business.
    The reason I think she is successful is that she strives for success
    in all her dreams;+ continues to dream.

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