Question 884

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18 Responses to “Question 884”

  1. J.M.:

    It’s willingness to accept those who are different than themselves.
    This goes for both liberals and conservatives.

  2. I really wish people could understand each other and the situation around them.

  3. m:

    Everybody have a bed to sleep in at night.. Gay marriage to be accepted anywhere without a fight or struggle. Let people be happy.

  4. Susan:

    People who believe they are entitled to get something for nothing. Standards for receiving welfare need to be restructured.

  5. Mazl:

    Societies should examine their traditions regarding the treatment of animals – and have a determination to overcome this perpetual obstacle in their culture that allows and accepts cruelty to continue. They need a revelation in their hearts for change.

  6. Rob:

    I’d ask for a lot more tolerance and understanding out of each and every person who draws oxygen on this earth

  7. karina:

    poverty and judgement

  8. Salome:

    No money, only barter.

  9. Debi:

    Feed all the hungry people, house the homeless. Welfare w/ drug testing only.

  10. hannah:

    I would change what they show on tv. Especially, shows that children can watch: too much violence-no imagination.

  11. Kayle:

    Their ignorance of the laws. Yea, I’d change that.

  12. Alex:

    There is a lot about society that needs to be changed, or at least reworked. Greed and selfishness are rampant, and everyone is quick to judge everyone else based on appearances.

  13. Unbelievaburgers:

    The people

  14. Me:

    their mindset

  15. Tina:

    I would stop child abuse.

  16. Norway:

    Make saving the world and environment the #1 priority.

  17. Alex:

    I would change the priorities in our society, money seems to be far more important to most people than their own happiness is and it is deeply saddening to me.

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