Question 890

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18 Responses to “Question 890”

  1. regrets.

  2. karina:


  3. Nick:

    finished relationships

  4. V3nD1:


  5. Susan:

    Anything that adds negativity into your life.

  6. Mazl:


  7. rob:

    Choices. I made the best choice I could at the time, with the information available to me in that moment. Nothing else matters

  8. steph:

    wierd dreams about exes

  9. reliving the pain

  10. Anonymous:

    Nothing. I wouldn’t be where I was now if I hadn’t gone through everything in my past.

  11. Lori:

    painful choices i made as a teenager/young adult

  12. Ilham:

    all negative events and emotions. because i know i could live more positively and all bad things i did were never necessary.

  13. Lucy:

    anything that made me feel pain, regret, hate/anger, NEGATIVE things. but the lessons I learned from those specific events would always be with me.
    FORGET & MOVE FORWARD, even negativity can have a positive outcome

  14. Navyshebee:

    My husband leaving me for my midwife,it was 11 years ago it is time to forgive and move forward I am only hurting myself, with this anger and pain.

  15. Annabelle:

    Finished relationships, Backstabbing People,

  16. irunor:

    Relationships that could have been but never were, because of stupid things I did… or didn’t do.

  17. Me:

    the past

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