Question 898

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26 Responses to “Question 898”

  1. Mazl:


  2. Not letting go of things holding me back …

  3. wanting to rush everything and nothing learning how to be patient!

  4. Kay:

    I know I need to spend more time with my daughters just having fun. I am working on that.

  5. rob:

    I’m holding myself back, in a few places

  6. Christina:

    Being too lazy to live my own life and achieve my goals.

  7. I’m wavering with decisions in my life that should be black and white.

  8. Lucy:

    only thinking about what I’m doing wrong instead of all the things I’m doing right

  9. karina:

    what Lucy. Amanda and Rob said.

  10. vasl:

    hiding my true feelings for someone

  11. Samicisco:

    Judging others and thinking I have all the answers too often! I must realize I do not know what to do in each situation and I cannot control the outcome of each situation that arises. I must let this go…because it is hurting me and it is not actually making me feel like I have control over anything in life (which I think is the goal of all of it).

  12. Dii:

    not living my life, hiding my feelings, not letting go of things, not standing for myself, letting other people to treat me bad taking me for granted, living away from god, sometimes i end up saying that i hate my life. i want to change really !!

  13. Nick:

    making myself believe that everything and everyone is just going to distract me from reaching my goals

  14. Ida:

    Not exercising to take care of my body.
    Eating far to seldom and irregularly.

  15. Dbb:

    Exactly what Dii said…exactly

  16. Jackie:

    Wow! Great comments…the feeling(s) are mutual – except for the one person and their daughters, because I do not have children. But, I feel the same about those I love. So well said everybody, it feels good to know that I’m not alone in my feelings. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Bgd:

    over thinking. Question “why?” hunts me. Can’t express my feelings as they are in my head and heart.

  18. ally:

    I feel I’m doing it all wrong. spending money wrong, making money wrong, relationship wrong, communication wrong, …I need a reset button.

  19. Nina:

    Not controlling my tongue (speech).

  20. ali:

    I’m building the relationship up the wrong way, but can recognise my own mistakes only when I have already made them again. and again. and again.

  21. Elle:

    Worrying about things I have no control over.

  22. Jess:

    My life’s great and everything would be perfect now, if it weren’t for one fault. I know I can do it and I shall keep trying.

  23. Not moving forward

  24. Me:

    not letting it go…moving on forgiving and forgetting and starting it afresh

  25. Ash:

    A LOT

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