Question 900

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  1. Cate Farnsworth:

    Life hasn’t changed so much since I was a child; not the inner life, at least. Children today still have great imaginations and dreams. Teenagers still have a strong developing sense of self beyond their child states. Books, TV and music still exert influence, as do the visual arts, theatre & film. The www has changed communication & information dispersion though. It has democratised knowledge, a very good thing.

  2. Kuruko:

    Society becomes more honest with itself. It rejected the values that have died long time ago. It starts to recognise it old defects, but also created new ones like blind imitating and being more influanced by western culture with all of its pros and cons. It’s like society’s shape becomes more sharp and bold, but less individual. I am from Poland, age 19. And sorry, I’ve never been good in English.

  3. Rob:

    In a few ways. It’s now more acceptable to simply be who you are, if you’re straight, gay, single, married or otherwise. People are more in tune with who they are and willing to simply be. I was talking with a stranger yesterday and he lamented about the foolishness of our young people, I asked him if he ever wondered how he made it to his age in one piece. Debate settled

  4. Two words: Cell Phones

  5. dada:

    uh … from comunisam true 4 year war , and 20 years of coruption …
    but I am still the same crazy girl 🙂

  6. my outlook on society

  7. Jackie:

    The pace of life has become to fast, and manners have become a novelty. 🙁

  8. ali:

    time runs faster with every year

  9. Juana:

    I see more greed, selfishness, materialism and lack of appreciation for simple things in life which matters most. The society now has also a decreasing sense of values. I grew up in Asia where people around me helped each other whenever they can, where life is simple and people are happy even though they haven’t got much in material possession, and more honest to themselves and to one another. Now I’m working and living in the UK for 8 years, I see people wanting to have everything – designer clothes, big houses, flashy cars and luxury holidays; I heard lies and excuses with themselves and to other people, deceive other people to obtain just about what they want, and lack of gratitude for what they have. Also, mentioned above, time runs so fast and people keep chasing after it.
    I think society, as a whole, has become more confused to what it wants. Trying to beat everything and everyone.

  10. Alex:

    I used to think that society was full of decent people, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how full of greed and misery it really is. You can’t turn on the news anymore without seeing at least a few stories about stupid shit. For example, look at the shooting here in Aurora last month, such screwed up people. And I hate to say it, but that is not a stand alone event by a long shot.

  11. Unbelievaburgers:

    got scarletter

  12. Me:

    more of artificial-ness around

  13. Tina:

    Society hasn’t changed…my perception of it has. There’s always been beauty but I appreciate it more as I age. There’s always been evil and I recognize it more as I age.

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