Question 52

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  1. Krishna:

    This happens because we are supposed to satisfy others too at times.

  2. Krishna:

    Even though we grow older we tend to have chidish behaviour in few things which makes us like few things that we never do

  3. Good Question.

    Shall really treasure short life in better ways:)

  4. Cassie:

    Because it’s expected of us.

  5. valerie:


  6. Paul:

    Because it’s expected of us.

  7. This happens because we are supposed to satisfy others too at times.

  8. Hannah:

    Sometimes we have to do the things we don’t like in order to do the things we do.

  9. ryan:

    because we have to eat to live, and feed the kids.

  10. alli:

    we do things we dont like, and like what we dont do because of fear. we are afraid of what will happen if we dont follow through with what is excepted of us, or what will happen if we break the norm and do something out of the ordinary. what will happen if it changes? we are too scared. we fear the unknown and will do almost anthing to keep from approching it. we leave what we are unsure of up to other people who have done it before and stay secure in ourselves and what we normally do.

  11. Adel:

    Moronic social “norms”, the “system” in place as far as studying, then working 40 hours… It doesn’t favor all of that. You have to get out of it in order to enjoy life at your own pace. Do not wait till retirement for that, be slightly ruthless as far as life and always have a fall-back plan.

  12. Because we’re a idiotic species at times. O:

  13. April:

    Good question. 🙂 That’s why I think it’s important to live each day like your last. 🙂

  14. Amy:

    If we didn’t ever do things we don’t like, we wouldn’t really appreciate the things we do like and sometimes we do them to get a reward afterwards.

    We can’t do everything we like or want to do because of time/cost 🙂

  15. Amanda:

    Because we don’t look at the big picture when it comes to certain things

  16. Sasha:

    Because we live in a world where we are controlled and limited due to the fact that you basically can’t do anything without money. So we work to pay bills and we live to work. Where’s the time to enjoy life? Pfft.

  17. Nick:

    Maybe because we are too blinded by material things that we forget to consider the values we may get from doing the things we really love, even if it doesn’t pay that much.

  18. Lizzy:

    In my eyes, why we do so many things we dislike and don’t do things we want to, is because of society. Society is built on several components that require doing— components that are needed for standard living which need to be acquired by long, tedious tasks that take up much time. We have to pay taxes, have to earn money so we can own a home and protect our families, have to do all these things so we can live a comfortable lifestyle.
    But all of these ‘have to’s clutter our lives—there are so many that we have to do and maintain for our society. There are things required in order to own a home, have a job, and be able to afford your families’ next meal. There are so many things we need to do, that we don’t have time for the things we want to do…
    Life is full of responsibilities—thousands of ‘have to’s, needs, and requirements—but there’s also the need to have time to yourself where you can be you. Go ahead; go take that walk you want to take, go ahead and buy that cute purse you saw the other day, go ahead and just relax for a minute and plan your next big trip just for fun.
    Find time to do it. Make time.
    Do what you want to do.

  19. Michael Hitchcock:

    Obligation is really the devil’s tool.

  20. Rowena:

    Life includes doing things and receiving things. You need bad to have good. You need to do things you don’t like to get things you DO like.

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