Question 902

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21 Responses to “Question 902”

  1. my thoughts make me feel self conscious.

  2. Rob:

    My size. Huge improvements made in the last 4 months but I’m not sure I’ll ever be 100% satisfied.

  3. Alyssa:

    What others think of me.I feel like people will judge me before they get to know me.

  4. m:

    My height.

  5. Debi:

    being over-weight 🙁

  6. Jackie:

    The scars on my arms, and how they got there.

  7. Jackie:

    and my weight, and my lack of courage.

  8. ally:

    My anger

  9. karina:

    being extremely timid and my body.

  10. Manda Panda:

    building relationships

  11. ali:

    i’m a good friend and sister. that’s for sure.

  12. Me:

    NOT knowing what I want in life yet!!

  13. Sara:

    How skinny I am.

  14. Alex:

    My weight. Even though I have lost 20+ lbs working out and eating right, it still isn’t enough.

  15. Lynn:

    Jackie: You will find someone to whom they don’t matter. Your scars are a part of you, which you don’t need to be proud over, but you need to accept them. They’re there, and they wont go away. Believe me, I know it’s easier said than done, but try. I consider my girlfriend the prettiest girl on earth, regardless of her scars and her weight. There will be someone who thinks the same of you, and hopefully you will learn too someday.

    Personally, the thing that I’m most self-conscious about is being wrong. Answering a question wrong or doing something wrong that will upset someone. I try not to care, but it’s hard. Someday I’ll learn to feel right. Be right in my own eyes.

    Wall of text, but this is an important thing.

  16. missy:

    introverted personality… at times I have to fake liking others and I feel bad living the lie.

  17. Unbelievaburgers:

    I was born with half a face. The one half is completely normal, even handsome. The other is just an empty void in which even light cannot escape. It totally makes me feel like a doofus and I just know that all the girls laugh at me behind my back even though they say such nice things to me all the time. Those two-faced bitches just HAD to rub it in, didn’t they?!

  18. Me:

    my looks

  19. Kitty:

    I will never feel skinny enough

  20. Musicgirl:

    My size,and that I’m not good at math!

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