Question 911

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30 Responses to “Question 911”

  1. how to not become tired of something. my attention span really needs to be lengthened.

  2. Batman-Marcel:

    I’d learn to play the guitar

  3. Mazl:

    – write a best selling novel that set a new world record in sales etc

  4. Susan:

    I would love to know how to:
    (1)Love unconditionally;
    (2)Be non-judgmental; and
    (3)Be satisfied with all of the blessings I have.

  5. AM:

    surf or play the guitar 🙂

  6. Tapestry:


  7. annya:


  8. Rob:

    I’d like to be able to easily see the person I’m dealing withs point of veiw on a subject or situation. So much is lost in regular conversation

  9. I would learn to complete the things that I have started without breaks… and I would learn guitar

  10. BR:

    I would like to learn to speak different languages.

  11. Programming, German, knitting, how to “sell myself” better.

  12. Henry:

    I want to learn so much things:

    French, climbing, how to be a paramedic, detecting lies, neurolinguistic programming, how to remember everything…

    it’s and endless list

  13. Henry:

    *so many things, of course!

  14. Me:

    I would learn how to spread peace on earth and share happiness in its simplest human way.

  15. To be a professional ballerina

  16. magic 🙂

  17. cacy:

    a trade i love that i could take to any place in the world

  18. Bmat:

    I would love to learn to fully trust myself in any decisions.

  19. Navyshebee:

    To see all the places in the world that I dream of someday visiting, life seems long but is really short that it gets away from you and you wake up one day to realize you are not able to fulfil those dreams. So plan and aspire to do one each and every year.

  20. Earlyn:

    Play the guitar.

  21. karina:

    i would learn to not be to scared, to play the piano, and of course how to be a unforgettable artist like Salvador Dali.

  22. Ria:

    Learn to dance, like ballroom dancing or salsa or tango. I have no rhythm and am a clumsy person but it’s always been a dream of mine^^

  23. khat:

    to swim..and to speak French fluently:P

  24. Annabelle:

    Become a veterinarian, Learn to fly, speak different languages

  25. JM:

    I’d learn to do everything I want
    (including animation)

  26. Unbelievaburgers:

    Accurately recall the local age of consent and determine how old the current target of my affections is, in a suave and nonchalant manner.

  27. Me:

    Forgive and forget

  28. Kelly:

    To fly airplanes!

  29. Monet:

    Play guitar, play piano, & speak multiple languages.

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