Question 927

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13 Responses to “Question 927”

  1. Susan:

    ANY advice that I have not asked for is unwanted.

  2. AM:


  3. Mazl:

    – lacking good reason …. …. …

  4. Rob:

    I dont’ want advice from people who live a life lacking in personal conviction. I enjoy advice from people who live a life in connection with who they really are, not who the world wants them to be.

  5. Charlotte Elyse:

    Don’t tell me it’s too hard. Don’t tell me I can’t do it.

  6. soberly Insane:

    Its not the advice… but the way u convey it… It should’nt make me feel less or inferior about myself.

  7. Jessica:

    The advice “You got to fake it to make it”

  8. Simone:

    I can’t stand all the “experts” who think they know more than others. One thing I’m finding out: the truly important things you have to discover for yourself. An interesting statement someone said to me once: “Beware of someone who has nothing to lose and someone who has everything to lose.” After being burned more than once, now I consider the motives of the person giving the advice.

  9. karina:

    when people start telling me who i am and should be

  10. Unbelievaburgers:

    I don’t need tips on the best ways to go about my day without drawing attention to the buttplug inserted into my rectum. I don’t need to know that. And if I ever were to embark on such a journey, I’m sure figuring out that shit myself would be one of the most gratifying aspects of the activity. You can’t look up the answers when it comes to spiritual growth. Cheating is wrong, duh.

  11. RAKESH:

    When any person provide the reason to any unsuccessful person in their life I don’t like that and another one is
    The typical advice I hear about working with people I don’t like is simply to depersonalize the relationship. Just transact whatever business you need to with them and move on. In other words: Grin and bear it.

  12. Me:

    On my looks!

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