Question 932

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  1. promises– it’s the one thing I’ve kept pure in all my tainted words. I hope it stays this way.

  2. Tapestry:

    My belief in God. The Trinity.

  3. Simone:

    Everything, you should be able to be honest about how your really feeling, what you honestly think, etc. If you don’t want to lie, simply say “I don’t want to talk it about” or “Why do you want to know?” For other things, employers, etc., I usually tell the truth (as much as I feel comfortable sharing) and leave it at that. It’s time to stop being intimidated and face things honestly and bravely. I’m learning this is true freedom. Live authentically!

  4. Savitri:

    The Truth..

  5. Unbelievaburgers:

    When a girl gets to the point where applying more makeup makes her uglier and uglier. I would intervene if I bore witness to its application; if I merely happen to see such an individual walking around looking like a streetwalker outside a circus tent, I would immediately tell those around me and have them point her out for others to notice, in the hopes that she will ultimately get the message and make the necessary adjustments to her face.

  6. RAKESH:


  7. Me:

    anybody’s character

  8. Jaki:

    What I think is right.

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