Question 936

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  1. …their own mistakes.

    Admit your own mistakes and stop making excuses.
    I’d say 95% of our problems in life are due to our own doing and not because of (___excuses___).

    It’s very liberating in admitting to yourself… “I f*cked up!!!”

    Now we can move on 🙂

    I think when you have excuses, you become stagnant in life.

  2. Mazl:

    … badly behaved children …

  3. vithya:

    When loved once asking excuse for very silly things

  4. S:

    For being over weight.
    Calories in / Calories out.
    It’s pretty simple.

  5. Karen:

    their children’s behavior and performance in school. As the teacher, I really do see how the children are behaving each day. If I tell you there is a problem, it’s because I want support to correct it, not an excuse for why your child is misbehaving.

  6. tarbarme:

    To Karen and Mazi, I agree with both of you. My main worry is so called “adults” screaming at their kids at sports events. I wonder what the kids will do when they grow up and have kids of their own.I fear it will be behind doors and more than just words.

  7. not taking action– some people (and at times including myself) just gotta grow a pair, get over themselves, and do somethin! if you’re not going to, resign yourself to where you are, and stop saying you want more.

  8. Mic:

    Abusive spouses, abusive boy friends and girl friend. Abusive relationships in general.

  9. Rob:

    Themselves. The rules are still pretty simple, decide what you want and go after it with all your heart and soul, or don’t bother.

  10. Henry:

    their unreliability…

  11. Ashley:

    I completely agree with Rob. You are where you are in life because of the decisions you have made. If you want something, go and get it. Stop making excuses. Where I’m at at my age is amazing, but I didn’t just wake up here. I worked hard for it. You can do the same.

  12. chels:


    own up to your actions. learn more about yourself, and forgive. you make mistakes… it’s okay.

  13. Savitri:


  14. Unbelievaburgers:

    …not finishing their sentences. Put on your big-boy pants and complete a thought for once in your life, you insipid

  15. Karina:

    For not being able to be happy

  16. being Irresponsible…

  17. Jessica:

    For disrespect. After staying friends with my cheating exboyfriend and calling him out for how rude he was to me, he said it was my fault for breaking up with him.

  18. Me:


  19. KK:

    Their bad decisions and then blaming others.

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