Question 947

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24 Responses to “Question 947”

  1. I hope for a happiness stronger than the suffering to make life have been worth living.

  2. Agnessa:

    A swift shift to renewable energy.

  3. dada:

    that my dad can walk again and play with his granddaughters

  4. Susan:

    Health and happiness for my son

  5. Wishing people everywhere learn the truth of our oneness with nature, respect nature and live a pollution free, honest and simple life!

  6. Batman-Marcel:

    Enter into my life the most sensual person
    that has chemistry & less baggage.

  7. Roxie:

    A home and family again.

  8. Karen:

    I wish the economy would turn so that two working people could actually pay the bills and have something left over to enjoy life.

  9. A peaceful planet and that mankind didn’t have greed.

  10. Deb T:

    Good health for my three children, their significant others and my grandchildren. Without good health other issues become less important.

  11. Kris:

    Like most others, that my children grow to be happy and healthy.

  12. Nush:

    That my daughter can realise her worth, and that my son can be a brilliant dad to his baby.

  13. Jess:

    To be with the love of my life forever.

  14. Anjali:

    My parents happiness

  15. RAKESH:


  16. kutbock:

    I claim I don’t believe in love between a man and a woman……I claim that love between husband and wife is a habit.

    I want to feel that love exists. I want to find my true love,my soul mate and spend the rest of my life by his side.

  17. Unbelievaburgers:

    Only the weak settle for one wish. Here are mine:

    – That the master race will prevail.
    – To do battle with Vishnu and destroy her once and for all.
    – To get really good at cooking.
    – To be able to resist my sister’s advances.
    – To annihilate the world of minecraft.
    – Unlimited new socks.
    – That God will hear my prayers and liquify the infidels.
    – That I will no longer be banned from that one daycare facility.
    – That I win the mystery Hot Pocket naming contest.
    – No more unanswered genocides.
    – Universal healthcare and mandatory abortions.
    – To be the only person in the world who knows true love.
    – That they bring back the Barnone candy bar. They were soooo good!

  18. Alba:

    I just want to be happy.

  19. Melbourne:

    Kindness and not more suffering for all animals (wild, farm, etc) in the world. A majority vegan society.

  20. Me:

    To be loved – today, tonight and forever!

  21. Me:

    I wish for good health, happiness, & love for my family & myself.

  22. Alicia:

    That my daughter has a wonderful, happy and healthy life.

  23. thelocalmaniac:

    That he comes back to me. Or, if not that, that he will find happiness in whatever he chooses.

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