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  1. The most beautiful sunset I’ve seen was my freshman year on the bus from ISU jazz competition. It’s just the beauty of the moment and environment all came together.

  2. dada:

    zadar sunset

  3. Mazl: Cape Leveque, about 100klms above Broome in Western Australia, in 1998. The cliffs along the pure white beach were a deep rust red, the sea covered in molten gold from a sinking ball of fire….it was breathtaking….

  4. Rob:

    Baja Mexico, on a motorcycle trip with a new friend who has only recently been released from jail. His appreciation of such a thing made it all the more beautiful

  5. Khan Asif:

    I saw the most beautiful sunset some 14 years ago. Oh no, there is a big big distance between nature & me.

  6. Craig:

    Easy question.. In Istanbul, every night!

  7. Kris:

    The prettiest sunsets are usually after a rain storm has passed.

  8. Jess:

    In Hawaii

  9. kutbock:

    Any sunset shared with people I love……my family,my friends.

  10. Unbelievaburgers:

    That one time next to a fuckton of boats. It was pretty good. 8/10. Would watch again.

  11. hhallez:

    abandoned beach on Uto, an island in the Archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden.

  12. Me:

    On a plane from Goa to Mumbai

  13. Monet:

    Beautiful Hawaii.

  14. DaaaWeeveQueen:

    when i wuz eatin out Unbelievaburgers’ ass ho’

  15. Markus:

    April 2011 in Rome, Italy

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