Question 952

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20 Responses to “Question 952”

  1. Blink:

    If you’re waking up feeling dread, and not excitement or hope

  2. Eva Marie:

    When you realize you’re hurting people you love more than you’re helping them. So in other words, today i need to change.

  3. Karen:

    When the situation causes frustration or anxiety daily. For example, in the past I knew it was time to find a different job when I would cry for an hour every day before leaving to go to work.

  4. When you realize what you’re doing isn’t making you happy.

  5. Rob:

    When you suffer from personal discontentment. In me this mainfests in overeating and not exercising.

  6. Lauren:

    Haven’t we seem them all?

  7. emptiness fills up your life

  8. m:

    When you can’t sleep no mo.

  9. Winter Voices:

    When I look in the mirror and instead of seeing myself, I see an exterior that doesn’t reflect who I am on the inside.

  10. Unbelievaburgers:

    When Socialist Muslims start running the country.

  11. When I don’t hear back from him – for a long time, and even then, he’s platonic and distant, putting other things between us like a shield.

  12. Jayne:

    When you’ve got nothing left.

  13. Talia:

    when stress is overwhelming and you are no longer happy or bringing happiness to others.

  14. Me:

    The way I am feeling right now. Heaviness in heart..sleepless nights…cranky mood, unexplained bouts of crying………..

  15. Lea:

    When you have an awaking and you don’t share with everyone you know! For me, learning what factory farming is doing to the animals, planet & our health. It is not sustainable, we all much make the shift to a healthy whole food plant base diet.

  16. thelocalmaniac:

    When I wake up, wondering why on EARTH I should even go to work today, or to school, or hang with my friends…when I doubt every decision I’ve ever made. There’s no room in life for uncertanties. If I’m not confident, then there’s a problem.

  17. Jaki:

    When common sense and common courtesy don’t seem to be so common anymore.

  18. Haataja:

    Something has become a burden.

  19. Emily:

    When something no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.

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