Question 959

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17 Responses to “Question 959”

  1. Kat:

    Be happy

  2. Madeline:

    let go and move forward

  3. Annabelle:

    Be happy

  4. Stephanie:

    Accept that I’m okay, if not exactly perfect.

  5. Mazl:

    eat more mangoes and eat more yoghurt

  6. Susan:

    Relax and let go!

  7. Shelby:

    Educate and encourage myself, hold myself accountable.

  8. Tash:

    Get an appointment with a psychologist, and be honest about my problems.

  9. Karina:

    To let go , and to take time for the things I love to do

  10. Brody Camp:

    Trim my dogs toenails.

  11. Talia:


  12. Let my love show….on time

  13. zavia:


  14. Aiyana:

    make more decisions on my own and not let others make them for me.

  15. Alice:

    love myself

  16. Andrea:

    Accept things. To know I am valuable

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