Question 962

Photo by: Susan Sermoneta

11 Responses to “Question 962”

  1. Mazl:

    everybody and nobody – depends on the situation

  2. dada:


  3. Ashley:

    because i feel beautiful when others think i am beautiful.

  4. Karina:


  5. Liz:

    I wish to know why some friends do not reply to an email or sms? It makes me feel very disappointed.

  6. Madeline:

    my family. they’re expectations are just so obvious that it’s difficult to say no.

  7. Eli:

    my husband. its not in a bad way, its just, i like it when he’s impressed with something I do, so….

  8. Brittany:

    Everyone. It’s something that I need to fix.

  9. Aiyana:

    Family and the world out there.

  10. Alice:


  11. Jaki:

    my ex, haha. (mostly to make him jealous and regret what he did to me…)

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