Question 965

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13 Responses to “Question 965”

  1. Mazl:

    I won’t know… but I will forever wonder ‘what if’ and will probably have regrets- which I do now .. .. .. .
    but not for long because something else generally comes along . . . . . . …….

  2. Susan:

    There are SOME things you JUST KNOW.

  3. dada:

    some things its better to not know

  4. Rob:

    You won’t, it’s that simple. It’s very true that when you want something and commit to making it happen the universe conspires to help you atain your goal. Try it and see

  5. Sharon:

    you can learn from the mistakes of others.

  6. natalim:

    try now if you fail try tomorrow too! i think that just show you exist

  7. Kuruko:

    Using mathematic, phisic, logic and simulations.

  8. m:

    Sleep on it.

  9. Aiyana:

    You can’t. You just have to take risks in life.

  10. kate b:

    consult Google.

  11. Unbelievaburgers:

    While sex offender charges are hard to shake, asking for their ID can stand in the way of sealing the deal, but YOLO so go for it!

  12. Jaki:

    Learning from the mistakes of others and, depending on the thing that’s being tried out, just plain common sense.

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