Question 966

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19 Responses to “Question 966”

  1. Mazl:

    is a cheat and a liar

  2. Susan:

    acts phony

  3. lies

  4. Rob:

    Lies. No space for liars

  5. Shelby:

    promotes themselves before others.

  6. Renee:

    is a lier and user, only out for themselves – self-centered.

  7. Brandon:

    hurts people on purpose or knowingly continues to hurt people when they are informed that what they are doing hurts others.

  8. Madeline:

    hurts with the intent to hurt

  9. zavia:

    is sympathetic

  10. Aiyana:

    …says they’re going to change their ways, but they never do.

  11. Rarity:

    I would say someone manipulates people, but I’d be lying…

  12. Unbelievaburgers:

    wears a dumbass hat.

  13. Jana:

    … who hurt me once

  14. thelocalmaniac:

    Breaks their promises.

  15. Navyshebee:

    Steals, or has an addiction that is ruining thier lives.

  16. Alice:

    lies and betrays me

  17. DaaaWeeveQueen:

    is niggr

  18. Jaki:

    is a really big hypocrite.

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