Question 972

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24 Responses to “Question 972”

  1. Susan:

    a feeling that’s the same for everyone.

  2. george:

    love is all

  3. Eva Marie:


  4. Mazl:

    Love is not – always the answer

  5. Lauren:


  6. Rob:


  7. Renee:

    is risky … emotionally exhausting … potentially poisonous

  8. Talia:


  9. Sandra:


  10. Emmy:

    Love is not an emotion.

  11. Stephanie:

    partial. “I only hate this part of you. The rest of you I love!” It is complete, or it is nothing.

  12. Sarah:

    a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah

  13. Blink:


  14. SSMM:

    hearing nor seeing, so it can’t sense the faults.

  15. Conor:


  16. Madeline:


  17. Jae:

    For me.

  18. Leecee:

    Love is a myth… how is it called love when now days two people cant be together without getting hurt, or being totally misrable! How is it love when one always gets cheatd on and you cant trust them! How is it love when the other person puts you down all the time , makes you cry, , makes you be someone your not! LOVE IS A MYTH!!!!

  19. Victoria:

    Love is not unforgiving.

  20. kostas:

    love is not for all.
    let it for the expercts

  21. Osiris:

    Being in love is not a feeling. Love is not a fairy tale.

  22. Navyshebee:

    is like marriage it take work to keep the sparks, but it is the beginning, but companionship in the long run is what we all are lloking for. Not growing old alone.

  23. Alice:


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