Question 974

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23 Responses to “Question 974”

  1. Blink:

    Follow your heart

  2. Mazl:

    never compromise your values….

  3. Susan:

    Live authentically

  4. Stephanie:

    Choose fully with heart and soul, and know you’re making the best choices you can with all the information you have.

  5. jo:

    picture yourself on your death bed looking back at your life.

  6. Rob:

    Think of 3 years from now, what choice will you regret the least, and at the end of that let go, you’ve made the best choice you can based on the information that you have now

  7. Katie:

    Stop seeing everything as a mistake. And stop seeing mistakes as a bad thing. All the failures are what make us who we are much more than all the successes. So the only thing you should really regret are times when you are mean. So then.. that’s pretty easy. Just don’t be mean. Done.

  8. Ed:

    Take chances

  9. Talia:

    Don’t see it as a mistake. Learn and grow from each experience.

  10. Conor:

    By not seeing them as regrets. Every decision you’ve ever made, you made based on the information, emotions, feelings, environment and resources that you had at the time. If you made a decision that you would not make again, then move on and don’t make it again, simple.

  11. Talia:

    Live for today, love for forever.

  12. Blackbird:

    u cant, everybody makes mistakes… Realize that you are only human n move on…

  13. Madeline:

    change your perspective. admit you won’t accomplish everything, but finish the day knowing that you’ve done something.

  14. Unbelievaburgers:

    Be awesome all the time and never stop. Never stop.

  15. Nibob:

    Be true to yourself.

  16. Victoria:

    Best way to avoid regrets is to know your values and try to follow them.

  17. Osiris:

    Being confident in yourself and choices. Not assuming and accepting what is. Having faith. Take your pick.

  18. powerjo:

    I thought u could live without regret…i now know better…make up for the things you regret…don’t wait…do it now…you won’t regret it!

  19. Navyshebee:

    Accept that you are only human, and we all make mistakes. I guess to simplify, accept yourself.

  20. Julia:

    Just do it 🙂

  21. Eljai:

    act with integrity, no matter what.

  22. Eljai:

    immerse yourself fully in the life you are living now

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