Question 60

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  1. Cherry:


  2. krissy:


  3. Hana:


  4. yes.

  5. valerie:

    I’m not sure – my life experiences have made me
    what I am today, good and bad, and I am finally
    begining to really like who I am.
    So probably not. 🙂

  6. Fran:


  7. someone:

    No. If I changed it, I wouldn’t have learnt my lesson, so I’d probably end up doing it again, later, when it’s worse.

  8. Eden:

    Yes. I would. 100%.

  9. alex:


  10. Absolutely Not 🙂

  11. Yes. I would’ve stopped it from happening – it didn’t benefit me in any way and just made the memories worse.

  12. hales:

    yes- i would bring him back

  13. audri:

    yes. i wouldn’t have been so shy and lost him. i would have told him that i loved him.

  14. Tay:

    Yes. I would have fought harder.

  15. John:

    Yes, I would never have gotten married at the age of 23.

  16. MLEst1:


  17. marisawin:

    no, everything happens for a reason.

  18. Yes. Not because I really want to change anything, I’d just like to say I did it.

  19. McG:

    No. The thought of tearing apart what the past has mended, makes it enough of a reason.

  20. Laura:

    Yes, then I could stop my nightmares from replaying day to day.

  21. EmilyBee:

    i wish i could say yes

  22. yes I would. I wouldnt change the people or my children just the events that led up to the changing point.

  23. I do like current things in my life. Even though I sometimes want to go abroad and study earlier, I am quite uncertain to have such amazing friends I am having now. So I won’t change.

  24. Padmé:

    Normally i believe what happens, happens. But I would have found a way to save him

  25. No. All the pain in my life has brought me to where I am today. And I wouldnt want to have to relearn those lessons again. =D

  26. Judith Ripka:

    Well.. three months ago I stumbled across a hot tub time machine and went back to the day my parents met. It was horrifying. When I finally landed in 1976, my head was spinning something awful! Let me tell you!!!! I spotted my father in the diner where he met my mom, she was a waitress. See, I hate myself and I want to die. So I took out my rifle and shot my mother in the head. I am now a ghost because now I was never born. Be careful what you wish for kiddies 😉


  27. Yes, without a second thought. Even if it meant I’d die from those choices.


  28. freestylewalker:

    I want to say yes, and never had done some of things I have, hurt the people I have, and been hurt in return by different people. To have never met some, and to have been closer to others…

    But, I have to say “no.”
    Because if I hadn’t done those things, any one of them, I wouldn’t be here. With you. And I can’t be certain we would have ever met, or that we would have ended up how we have, or if you would feel the way you do about me, and I about you.

    Nothing is worth leaving what I have currently.

  29. Kat:

    Definitely. No doubt. But just the one thing. Nothing else.

  30. Flower:

    There isn’t a thing in my past I would change for the world.

  31. no. everything in my past shapes how my future is. how my present is, for that matter. and what i have right now i wouldn’t change one bit.

  32. LB:

    Yes. This time, though, I would have said ‘yes’ when I just smiled and told him ‘I couldn’t do that to your girlfriend.’

  33. Gabbo:

    Yes. I’d treat her with respect and listen to what she said for the 4 years that I should’ve. Then this kidney tumour would’ve gone undiscovered and I could die in peace rather than agony.

  34. Tiff:


  35. April:

    Maybe, but I don’t know if I would because it could change my life in a bad way. Everything happens for a reason, right?

  36. sab:

    Yes. I would have not been so sad for no reason.

  37. Tom:

    Yes, i would go back and say goodbye to my dog, shadow, instead of turning away to hide my tears.

  38. Amanda:

    No. Everything happens for a reason. Changing one thing can change other things.

  39. Ris:

    I would only change it if it meant that things would not have hurt me the way they have now.

  40. Greg:

    In a minute! 10 minutes would be all I need to tell her that I love her. And get a hug……

  41. c:

    Yes. I’d change things so that my parents never met.

  42. Nick:

    I think so.

  43. Kristen Deneuve:

    Yes. The day I first told him something that matters to me. Should’ve stayed a blank canvas, then him leaving wouldn’t have hurt me this much.

  44. Rowena:

    I would WANT to… but I wouldn’t. I don’t second guess what I’ve done. Everything that has happened is why I am who I am today 🙂

  45. P.J.:

    No, no, no… I like Now. And the only path to Now was Then.

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